Hello! I flew home yesterday after the race. The Marine Corps Marathon gives runners a long sleeve, thick and comfy tee instead of the standard race tees. I wore it on the way back. That girl over my shoulder thinks I’m a weirdo, which is accurate so I’m not worried about it.

I made it home last night around 11pm after a long drive, Carl’s Jr. and Yogurtland stop. It was a very long day – I was up since 2am PST! But I’m happy I got to sleep in my own bed for a few nights before I leave again Thursday.

The greasy food pit stop and need to sleep anywhere got me thinking that I had a “Marathon Hangover”. And I put together this list of comparisons…

11 Reasons Running a Marathon is Like an Epic Night Out

11. Your mom calls to make sure you’re alive.

10. You pee in some very risky places.

9. Your friends ditch you around mile or drink #6.

8. You think you’re ready for it “Hey I trained for 20 weeks!’ OR “Hey I was in a fraternity!’” …and yet still manage to get your ass handed to you.

7. You wake up the next day sore in places you didn’t know existed.

6. Around Mile 10 (or drink #5) you start to question whether or not this was a good idea…

5. You slam drinks handed to you by friendly strangers. #WaterStation

4. You make new friends around mile or vodka shot #18 and swear you’ll be besties for life. Drinks and miles both really bond people.

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3. After it’s over all you can think about is FOOD – the greasier the better.

2. You walk home barefoot with your shoes in your hands.

1. The next day all you want to do is lay down.


See you guys later

Question: What’s your post-workout OR drink session meal of choice?

I need some Five Guys Fries asap today!


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