What do runners think about??

Well, food mostly. Or maybe that’s just me? (Actually, I saw in a survey that food & sex are among the most common things runners think about!)

But if you get bored while running – I’m going to help ya out. Here are some ideas of things to think about while running. Try one… try all and definitely try to get your hands on some ice cream later – preferably A Monicone Dream…

Get it? Like American Dream? Like the Ben & Jerry’s flavor??!

I know… it’s too similar to Stephen Colbert’s flavor Americone Dream. I’ll have to think of another one…


What to Think About While Running

1. Your Karaoke Song

Quick – you find yourself in a karaoke bar and MUST sing a song. What do you pick?

EVERYONE should have a go-to karaoke song in their back pocket (or running belt). You never know when you’ll need it!

Random… Before I hit ‘record’ on my podcast interview with David we talked about how I basically snuck out of a bar after he signed me up for karaoke one time! Ha!


2. How you feel – physically.

What’s your energy level?

How do your legs feel?

How do your lungs feel?

Is your body trying to tell you anything? Are you tight? Sore? Other??


3. How you feel – in your heart.

Are you in a good place? Need to talk it out? Need a hug? Need a shot of tequila.

(I’m available for talking and tequila but you’re on your own for the hug. Let me know when and where.)

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3. What you’re going to eat after.

Pancakes? A California burrito?? A breakfast burrito with a pancake instead of a tortilla?!! The possibilities are endless.


4. What you want people to say at your funeral.

Bonus: Consider faking your death so you can attend your own funeral and see who says the nicest things.


5. What you ate before. (This can include your pre-run food and/or the night before.)

Check in with your stomach. How is it settling? Was it enough? Do you feel energized? Weighed down?? Other?

Would you eat this again? Why or Why Not?


6. What you see on the run! Take note of something special every half a mile.

Is this a new route? Just be observant. How many other runners do you see? Any interesting houses?

Is this an old favorite route? Is there anything new? Any new runners or walkers out?

Bonus: Always be observant while running. Pay attention to your surroundings for safety reasons. Listen and look at everything around you.


7. Pray. Say a little prayer for your special people.

Bonus: Say a prayer for me too. Thanks.


8. Make a list… but a fun one! Make your Christmas List. What are you going to get your mom? What do you want?

And most importantly – how many days until you get to eat tamales!


9. Massage!

Would you rather have a back massage / head massage  / foot massage? Why?

10. Check your form…

Relax your shoulders. Stand tall. Swing your arms front and back (not in front of your body).

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11. That thing you don’t want to think about!

Like the time you told your friend that your co-worker got her car keyed and it’s probably because she’s a hooker and stole someone’s boyfriend… and then your friend told you her mom’s car got keyed.

Or a similarly embarrassing story that will replay in your head for the rest of your life.


12. Ice cream – but what ice cream?

If Ben & Jerry’s named an ice cream flavor after you – what would it have in it??

What kind of ice cream? What add-ins??


Question: What ice cream would you be??


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