Hi! How’s it going? Today we’re talking about running faster.

Do you want to get faster?


Me too.

Good talk. Now we gotta do the work I guess.

This morning I woke up to gloomy skies. I checked the forecast and saw there would be a break in the rain from about 8am to 10am so I waited until then to run.

As I was checking email / sipping coffee / updating Instagram I suddenly heard a MASSIVE storm outside. What?!? I was surprised since it didn’t look like it was about to really come down hard.

I peeked outside and saw..

HAIL. Real actual hail, which I guess is like rain but frozen? I don’t know, I’m born and raised in Southern California.

I took a short video of it and shared on Instagram here.

But seriously, what is going on??!

Luckily, it cleared up for a bit and I got out and ran 10 miles. The first 5 miles where dry and then the rain started up just as I turned around to come back home.

The path I run on completely flooded in a few places and was washed over with mud and debris in other places. I had to go around the flooded parts and just either walked to slowed down over the super muddy areas so I wouldn’t slip. It’s very slippery!

That reminds me –> if you are somewhere that is slippery – be careful. There are times to push yourself to run harder or faster, but when you are at risk for falling or twisting an ankle err on the side of caution. You are not going to improve your running if you fall and hurt yourself. Run smart.

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Anyway. I ended up having a really good run because it started to rain on the way back and I was getting colder and colder by the second so I hurried home. Boom.

Now it’s nice and pretty outside, but there’s supposed to be one last storm before we go back into real California life again. I’m glad we’re getting out of the drought – supposedly it was so bad we’re not even completely out of it yet – but seriously, I am not used to water falling from the sky.



Run Camp Day 16 – Speed Session II

Here is a 30 minute treadmill workout you can do if you are just starting speed work or have limited time.

Start with a warm-up. Then, go to you ‘happy pace’ – the pace you feel comfortable doing your usual easy, zone-out run.

Increase the speed 1 mph for the first speed section and go on from there. Example: If your happy pace is 5.0 mph – the first speed section should be 6.0. If you are totally new to speed work cut that in half = 5.0 mph happy pace –> 5.5 mph for speed session.

Speed workout ideas for every level runner

How to do Strides

Bonus: 7 Changes to Run Faster via Women’s Running

These are some ideas – but if you have a training plan with speed work, stick with it! Do what you need to get faster, better stronger.

Question: Do you have speed work on your running plan this week?

Already run it? How’d it go?


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Reminder: Be mindful of your body and effort when running. Take a break if you need to and walk or stop. Safety first! Run smart.

And always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.


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