Having a hard time ‘making yourself’ run? I have some tips on how to motivate yourself to get out and run today! (Or maybe tomorrow morning, I don’t know your life.) Check out these ideas and let me know if you have a secret to get yourself out the door running!


5 Tips to Get You Running

1. Schedule it – REALISTICALLY

Put running in your calendar – when and where and for how long that actually works in your life. This might mean 30 minutes, 3 times a week. It might mean weekdays only or weekends only. It might mean you can only do a long run every other week. Whatever you can do though – DO IT.

Set yourself up for success by making time for running. Put it in your calendar or add it to your ‘To Do’ list.

Then, keep those appointments with yourself. You might have to create time for it by waking up a little earlier or skipping Happy Hour, but if this is something you want to do then work it into your life.

It really doesn’t matter so much if you run everyday or 3 times a week or every Friday. What matters more is that you are dedicated and consistent and you treat it like a priority.

2. Be prepared.

Make it as easy for yourself as possible to get out the door by prepping anything you need ahead of time.

Lay out your running clothes the night before.

Have the coffee ready to brew in the morning.

If you run after work or school have a snack on hand to have a little while before you run.

If you use a gym bag – repack it when you get home with anything you need for the next day.

Keep all your ‘running must-haves’ in one place – ready to grab and go!

I have a basket with all my running gear in one place. This way I know exactly where my Garmin watch, water bottle, running belt, visor, running sunglasses and other random running stuff is at all times.

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When I’m ready to run I change and then head to my running basket to grab everything and I’m out the door.


3. Reward yourself with new music, new running gear or something else that will make you look forward to it.

There is a reason we bribe kids, friends and significant others with treats, massages, presents and other indulgences when we are trying to get them to do something – it works.

While some discourage rewarding yourself with food I’m not morally opposed to it. But there are a lot of other ways you can bribe yourself to get out the door:

Update your playlist with your favorite songs

Get a new pair of running shoes or other gear that makes you excited

Treat yourself to a massage if you run xx times in one month

(Hey, don’t judge. I shared it with Vegas.)


4. Build in accountability.

If you are a little sneaky and can justify skipping a run for any reason you might need some extra support to get you going (and keep ya honest).

Consider sharing your goal with friends, family or on social media.

Find a friend (in person or online) that also runs and ask start a dialogue on running. If you ask ‘how was your run today?’ they’ll probably ask ya back and you don’t want to have to say ‘my dog ate my running shoes so I couldn’t go…’.

If you don’t have running friends – announce on social media your goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s to run 3 days this week or everyday for the rest of the year – making your goals public and updating your progress can help keep you on track and honest.

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Signing up for a race is another great way to be accountable! If you have a race coming up you have to stay on track with training. This helps motivate and keep you going when there is a legit reason to run (even if that reason is you don’t want to embarrass yourself on race day).

5. Visualize or Use a Mantra.

Remember the last time you had a really good run? Think back to that run where you felt super speedy and energized! A good runner’s high is the best!

When you are having a hard time getting yourself to run think back to a great run. Try to imagine yourself there again – buzzing with endorphins and pride. How did you feel after that run?

Strong. Happy. Energized. Proud. Fast. Healthy…. Put a word to that run.

Close your eyes and see yourself finishing a great run. Visualize how good you will feel when you are done.

It’s hard to get yourself out the door when you’re tired and not in the mood to run. But when you focus on how good you’ll feel after it’s easier to get started.

You can also use mantras or power words to get your head in the game. Repeat your favorite motivational phrase over and over to yourself as you stretch or get warmed up.

Look up motivational instagram accounts that speak to you.

Make a Pinterest page with motivational phrases that fire you up.

Check out Facebook and ‘like’ status updates from other people’s runs that day.

Whatever it takes you to get in a running mindset – do it.

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Question: How do you get yourself running when you’re just not feeling it?


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