Hi! It’s Run Camp Day 13!! How’s it going? Are you running stronger? Longer? Faster? Happier??

Do the work. Check the Run Camp Calendar and cross of each day. Use the running log.

It’s only 21 days – you have to do each day’s challenge or at least check in with yourself and your training to make sure it’s the BEST plan for your running goals.

Today is all about RUNNING GEAR! We talked about Running Shoes last week. Check out the Run Camp Running Shoes post here.

Running in the wrong gear can make training no fun. It can make running harder. It can make you self-conscious.  It can leave chafing burns and be all around uncomfortable.

You don’t need to have super expensive, high end running gear. But you do need running clothes are work for YOU.

Do a head to toe check and make sure what you wear to run outside is the best gear for your needs.

Running Gear Check:

Does it fit me correctly?

Yes –> Run on.

No  -> What about it doesn’t fit? Be specific.


Does it pinch or is it too tight in certain places?

Yes –> Run on.

No –> Do you need a different size? Different style or cut?


Does it leave cuts, chafing burns or other painful marks on your body?

No –> Run on.

Yes –> Do you need wick-wear material? A different style/cut? Do you need Body Glide or another similar fix that’s not about the clothes?


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Do you have to keep adjusting it while you run? (Do you have to pull at your shorts, shirts or sports bras??)

No –> Run on.

Yes –> Why are you adjusting it? Is it too short / long / tight /other? Do you feel self-conscious in it and keep pulling at it to cover certain areas of your body?


Does it do it’s job? (Does your hat keep the sun out of your eyes or sweat from dripping down your face? Does your sports bra keep your boobs from bouncing?)

Yes –> Run on.

No –> What about the gear is failing? Does your visor /running belt / sports bra straps need to be adjusted? Is it made for running?


Is it easily visible to cars, cyclists and other runners? (If you run outside.)

Yes –> Run on.

No –> Stop wearing it for outdoor workouts and get new highly visible running gear and/or wear a light when you run.


Bonus running gear considerations:

Does it make you feel confident?

Does it make you feel ‘like a runner’?

Does it make you feel good?


Head to Toe Running Gear Check

Think about everything you wore on your last run. Does it work? Is there anything that can be changed/updated to make running a better experience?

Here is a list of the running clothes that are working for me right now… (this changes by season and what distances I’m training)

1. Pro Compression Visor

2. Oakley Sport Sunglasses

3. Danskin Now Sports Bra

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4. Running Short Sleeve Top (This is probably the area I am most flexible and can switch brands, styles fairly easily.)

5. 5” to 7” Long Running Shorts

6. Pro Compression marathon socks

7. Brooks Running Shoes

8. Garmin GPS Running Watch

Other: Rubber bands that hold my hair in place.  A good sunblock and lip balm with SPF.


Question: Do the head to toe scan of the last thing you wore to run. Is there anything you need to change?


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