Hello! Mother’s Day is this weekend! Did you get your mom something yet?

Moms, did you put in your requests?

Well, if you’re a Mom and a Runner OR love a Mom that’s a Runner – here’s a list of the BEST Gifts for Mothers Runners.


Best Gifts for Moms Who Run

1. Massage or Pedicure gift certificate.

All runners can use a good massage or pedicure. Give the mom in your life a little pampering with a certificate to a spa.

Bonus tip: Instead of a certificate – find out when she’s available and schedule the appointment for her.

2. Race entry.

Do you know of a race she wants to run? Is there one she’s always talked about?

Sign her up for a race or give her the money with strict directions that it is for a race entry.

Bonus tip: Sign BOTH of you up for a race and do it with her. This way you can touch base as you train for it and spend some time together after the race.

3. A book or audio book.

We’re all busy – but if the mom in your life has a jam packed schedule she might not have time for casual reading. But she does have time while she’s running!

Get her a good book to listen to while running with Audible. You can buy the book and gift it via email OR set her up with an Audible account so she can choose the book she wants.

4. Load up her phone with new music.

New music can make a run fly by! But for some reason we often go too long before switching up our running playlist. Offer to make your mom a new playlist of her favorite songs and do all the work for her.

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5. Gift card to a local running store.

This is an easy one – but still a great idea. There’s just something about walking into a running store that makes most runners happy.

6. Running inspired jewelry.

Jewelry is still something most women don’t buy for themselves. Give mom something special with a Running Charm necklace or bracelet.

Be Brave charm or jewelry.

I just found this awesome website that sells Be Brave jewelry! There are tons of options and 10% goes to charity.

7. Cook her brunch.

If your fave Mother Runner is training for a race – offer to come by while she’s doing a long run and cook her breakfast or brunch. Ask her what she’d like on the menu and have it hot and ready when she gets back.

Bonus tip: One word = Mimosas.

8. Revolar safety device.

We all want our moms to be safe and happy and healthy, right? (If not, you should probably schedule a therapy appt asap.)

Well, help keep mom safe on the run with a Revolar safety device, pepper spray or other runner safety tool. AND insist she use it.

9. Salad Bar spread.

This one makes the list because it’s what my mom requested for Mother’s Day. She said she just wants a fancy salad with all the toppings.

For me chopping all the veggies for a salad is my least favorite part – so I’m thinking it might be hers too. I’m planning to make a salad bar at my parents’ house and have lettuce, chicken and put out toppings like: tomatoes, green onions, carrots, cucumbers, chickpeas, kidney beans, candied walnuts, dried fruit…

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Anything else I should add?

And yeah – I’m totally going to bring some delicious bread to have with it too.

10. Coupons for an hour of your time.

Print out coupons offering to do something on her ‘To Do’ list. This will give her a little extra time to rest or even better… Run!

11. A gift basket with things runners love…

If you know your favorite Mom Runner loves a certain candy bar or fancy granola bar – but avoids buying it because of price, get it for her! Fill up a basket with snacks and treats she loves.

Runner gift basket ideas: Fancy protein bars //  Women’s Running Magazine // Bath Bomb //  Socks // Lotion // Spf Lip Balm // Candle // Spark // Wine


Speaking of Moms and running…

Last year my mom and I ran the Tinkerbell 10K at Disneyland! It was super awesome and I’m really glad we did it. If your mom runs, I would highly recommend doing a race with her.

Tips for running with your mom:

– If you are afraid she won’t like it – let her pick the race and the pace.

– Choose a ‘fun run’ = a race where most people are out for a good time.

– Enjoy your time with her – not your finish time.

– Take a lot of pictures! This is a great chance to get tons of fun pics with mom.

>>> Here is my Race Recap of Tinkerbell 10K

>>> Race Recap of Tinkerbell Half Marathon

The Run Disney Tinkerbell races (5k, 10k and half marathon) are this weekend! I’m running – anyone else?

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I know what I’m going to be for the 10K – but need to make part of my costume! I’m really excited about it even though… um, I don’t want to tell you what it is yet…. even though it’s not something new?


Question: What would your ideal salad bar have??


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