Hi! How’s it going? Over here it’s going pretty good… I haven’t fallen down today (yet) so I have that going for me. But I did fall this weekend and even though I have a pretty good First Aid kit I had to hit up CVS for bigger band-aids. I have a pretty big scrape on my left knee and I needed something that wouldn’t fall off in 2 seconds.

CVS had exactly what I needed and I was able to run (and eat) another day!

Since I was there I took my time walking around the store checking everything out (and impulse buying popcorn and trail mix). I saw the MinuteClinic at the back of the store – have you heard about this?


“MinuteClinic® walk-in medical clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants* who specialize in family health care. We care for children and adults, every day with no appointment needed.”

The clinics offer a lot of different services – but what caught my eye for runners were the minor injury services.

When something happens on a run or you think you might have a strain …. IT IS THE MOSTSTRESSFUL THING!

Am I right?

I feel like runners (myself included) freak out not knowing what’s wrong when we feel like we might be hurt (and not able to run!).

It’s hard to get a doctor appointment right away and if you don’t need to go to the emergency room – this is a great option.

This  might also be a problem for me because I’m a hypochondriac and now that I realize it’s that easy I’m going to be there everyday. Okay, maybe every other day so it doesn’t get weird.

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I was super lucky that I didn’t feel like I sprained to twisted anything when I fell. But the MinuteClinic services do include assessing things like sprains and strains.

Oh and I saw they also offer splinter removal and I think I have a splinter on the bottom of my foot that I cannot get to. This might save the day!

You can use the CVS Pharmacy app to find MinuteClinic locations, make an appointment, check wait times, and even hold your place in line. Boom.

You have the  CVS Pharmacy app, right?

I used to put in my mom’s phone # to get my CVS rewards but now that I have the app linked to my account I’ve realized there are a lot of perks.

I use the app to see what coupons and deals are available to me on my ExtraCare Card so I can save on my favorites! I even got a 2% reward back in Quarterly ExtraBucks so I can redeem them later when I need to stock up on more vitamins or supplements.

I try to eat healthy and get enough rest. But sometimes that’s not enough to keep you healthy – especially when you are pushing your body with any kind of hard exercise or stress.

If you ask your body to do athletic things – you need to treat it like you’re an athlete.

Ideally you should do the following to make sure you are taking care of your runner’s body…

How to Keep Your Body Healthy on the Run

  • eat well
  • take rest days
  • stretch
  • watch your hydration
  • go to the doctor for regular check-ups
  • get enough sleep
  • pay attention to signals from your body
  • stuff your pockets full o’ snacks
  • read running blogs, ideally RER
  • apologize to your toenails in advance

That’s a lot to do to help you stay strong and healthy! It’s all very important, but it can be a little overwhelming too. It’s hard to know what your body needs.

Luckily you can check out this Vitamin Recommendations Quiz to see what might work for your body and health goals. (I took it and at the end you can skip entering your email with a little ‘no thanks’ just below it.)

The suggestions were pretty right on for me – overall prenatal vitamin (this is my multi to hit all the bases of vitamins I might be lacking from food, vitamin C to help keep my immune system strong while training, magnesium.

If you feel extra tired or suspect you might be lacking in certain vitamins or minerals – check out the CVS vitamins page. You can shop by health goal too. There are so many options from mood support to joint health.

Shop by Health Goal


Bonus: Check out ExtraCare Rewards coupons and deals on  vitamins and supplements right on the CVS Pharmacy app.  It makes it super easy to save money on stuff you were going to buy anyway.

Check out the Vitamin Quiz here!

Question: Do you take a daily vitamin or certain supplements? How’d you figure out what your body needed?

Me: I have a vitamin and some supplements for my hypothyroid issues. I’ll go through phases of taking them daily and then forget for a while. I’m in the forgetting phase right now but this reminded me to get back on it!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by CVS. All opinions are my own.


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