I love all the body positivity messages on Instagram and Facebook. I love seeing pictures of women owning their bodies no matter what size or shape or where they are on their journey. I want to share more body positivity on this lil blog. But it also occurred to me that you can love your body and be positive about it while still being trapped in a binge or diet cycle. And that sucks.

So while I 100% want you to love your body no matter what I also want to make sure all my friends out there are not struggling with this.


On Mother’s Day when I made that Strawberry Layer Cake I was confronted with a lot of leftover icing. There was an entire container full of it. I couldn’t have a piece of the cake because I was taking it to my parents’ house for dessert. I was tired from a weekend of 3am wake-up calls for the Tinkerbell 10k and Half Marathon. I was stressed because I was running late to get to the BBQ. I was a little sad from some personal stuff going on in my life.

This is a great time to start a binge! Sometimes all the stars align to set you up for success and sometimes they align to send you into a downward spiral.

But because I know myself and my history I checked in with my body before I dug into the frosting. I didn’t really want it. I was craving something savory and salty. Okay, noted. When I got to my parents’ I immediately dug into the chips and guacamole.

I ate too many chips and guac. And that’s not a big deal, it happens to everyone.

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This was a revelation to me as I read various intuitive eating books and websites and talked to people.

The revelation was = everyone overeats

Okay, maybe not everyone but I’m going to say 92.5% of people will say, “I’m sooooo full” or “I ate too much…” after a special dinner or delicious restaurant meal with big portions or Thanksgiving night or some other time.

Sometimes we eat more than we need. Sometimes it’s a lot more and we regret it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a binge.

And I’m just reminding you and me and anyone else reading over your shoulder right now that over-eating is common and a small, manageable misstep. Don’t let it lead you down a path of binging or dieting for days. It’s only a big deal if you make it one.

I will probably binge again in my life. Having a history of disordered eating is a long term struggle. I was completely in a place where it could have happened that day and been bad, but I avoided it by being aware and intuitive.

The moral of the story for today is to remember to check in with your body. Eat what you want (or you’ll just end up eating it later while standing in the kitchen shoving it in your face – don’t ask how I know).

Enjoy your running and eating today.

Question: On a scale of 1 – 10 how hungry are you right this minute?

1 = not hungry at all



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