The other day someone asked in the comments how many calories and grams of sugar are in a serving of watermelon. Off the top of my head I knew it was about 50 calories per cup, but wasn’t sure about the sugar.

According to Calorie King there are 9.4g of sugar in 1 cup of watermelon:

For reference, 1 cup of apple has 57 calories and 11.3 grams of sugar.

But, what’s more relevant to my situation is –

How many calories are in a Whole Watermelon?

Again thanks to Calorie King, we can estimate there are 1355 calories in one 9 pound watermelon*.


So, I can burn off one of these suckers with 2 six mile runs and a walk. Totally worth it.

Actually CK has a feature that tells you what activity you’d have to do and for how long to burn off the food you’re looking up:

*Although, I try to buy the BIGGEST watermelon I can find from Costco so the ones I get are probably bigger.

It’s my FAVORITE food in the world and I don’t care if I turn into a watermelon!

The moral of the story is…

Eating a whole watermelon is unnecessary a lot of calories in one go so you should probably leave it to the experts like me and this guy…

A reader sent me this video today. I know I’ve seen it before though… Like when I look in a mirror.

Want more Watermelon? You came to the right place!

How to Cut a Watermelon – fast and easy! 

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