I’m eating chips with CRICKETS in them. Cricket protein powder is going to be the cool new thing – so um, here’s your head’s up to check it out and impress your friends. I unfortunately, don’t have friends… but I have you. And I’m trying to impress you by eating cricket chips so you have the full run down before you spend your money on them. Plus there are a lot of benefits to eating bug protein over beef protein. So it’s good for the environment. Boom.

Q: Would you eat crickets or cricket protein powder??

I spotted these Chirps Chips at Ralph’s – that’s just my local grocery store. They weren’t in a fancy bug section of the store either – just with the other chips.

The company is Chirps Chips – but there are a lot of new companies coming out with cricket protein powder and other bug protein snacks and foods soon.



The bag said one serving had the same amount of protein as one egg white.

They also have pea protein in them so that increases the protein factor too. Other than that the other nutrition stats seem to be similar to other chips –

A serving of Chirps Chips = 140 calories and 7g of fat.

A serving of Doritos = 150 calories and 8g of fat.

I put the 2 types of chips side by side here to compare.

They are fairly similar on some of the stats I look at first – calories, fat, fiber and protein. But the ingredients lists are very different. And it’s not just a numbers game when we’re thinking about health and the overall health benefits of the foods we eat. So it’s good to look at what’s in your food too.

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These have 1 cricket per chip! So I probably had like 88 crickets!! (I ate most of the bag in the first sitting – they are good!)


Here’s the video where I try them for the first time:

I bought these at the grocery store but they’re also available on Amazon – Chirps Chips Variety Pack

And they have cookie mix with cricket protein and cricket protein powder.

I definitely want to try more from them because I’m so curious and if it also is better for the environment for us to transition to cricket or other bug protein… I’m okay with eating it in cookies and chips for sure!

Let me know if you want me to try any new type of donut or other fun food for the next video…

Q: Would you eat crickets or cricket protein powder??


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