Hello! How was your 4th of July? Do anything awesome?

I did! I know it’s super basic of America but I got a big ol’ watermelon float for the pool! I feel like I had to get this or I’d regret it for the rest of my life (or at least the rest of the week).

Paired with my flag bikini I feel like I was patriotic af. (Note: I just use  ‘AF’ in writing and mostly ironically because of the What What Crappins podcast where they joked about the Vanderpump Rules peeps using it excessively.)

Okay. Random.

The moral of the story is: Yesterday I ate watermelon and floated on a watermelon and dreamt about becoming a watermelon farmer.

Before all my watermelon fun I ran 10 miles in my ProCompression Stars & Stripes socks. I love dressing for a theme!

On 4th of July I have seen this big group of cyclists with flags attached to their helmets. And on Easter they have bunny ears! I love it. I’ve gotta tell them to get matching socks for next time. But I’d have to shout it super fast because they zoom past me!

Post-run 4th of July flag toast!

And on the way to my parents’ I stopped at Smart & Final to check out a few things for my SIL’s baby shower. We’re doing a candy table and I wanted to see if they had anything that would work.

In a happy coincidence I spotted this Cranberry Bread I always drool over, but have never bought – 50% off! Boom. It was meant to be. So I am finally going to try it. The slices are super THICK. I should make French Toast!

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And in other food finds news…

I hit up Trader Joe’s last night and stocked up on all my favorites plus scored a few new items…

spinach & kale dip, cacao nibs, pistachios, rose, carrot spirals, cauliflower pizza crust (this kind is new to me), everything bagel seasoning, rose, veggies, balsamic dressing, sugar plum tomatoes, roasted cocoa nibs (new to me).

I haven’t tried either rose, the roasted cocoa nibs or cauliflower crust yet.

But I’m super excited to try their Cauliflower Pizza Crust! I’m kind of surprised by the nutrition information though. It’s not straight up a veggie crust and I think the serving size is 6 pieces – but it looks pretty small. I’ll let ya know what I think.

I have a Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe here if you want to try an easy homemade kind.

Have a good one!


P.S. Want a FREE entry to a SoCal race?


The Shoreline Half Marathon / 5k / 10k is this weekend and they need race day volunteers.

When you volunteer for this event you will earn a FREE race entry to one of our future events that can be found at www.EliteSportsCA.com 

Please note: Race start is at Foster Park- 438 Casitas Vista RD, Ventura CA 93001

  • Please arrive at race start by 6:00am and plan to stay till 11 am
  • There is a $4 parking fee at the front gate of foster park,that will be refunded back to you on race day
  • It will be HOT on race day so please dress accordingly and bring sun block too
  • You will be helping out at a water station or along the course as needed

Please use the registration link here and click on the Volunteer option to secure your spot and we will see you on race day.


Question: If you could have ANY food be a big ol’ float what would it be?

A taco? A chocolate bar? A pizza?? A banana split?


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