Hello! How’s it going? Thanks so much for all the love and comments on my Boston Marathon video! It’s kinda long but so is running 26.2 miles.

I’m completely falling apart in life.

Yeah. Just gonna put that out there. It kind of feels like a weight off to just lead with that. That’s why I’m a fan of therapy and over-sharing. If I just say, “Hey! Look at all this stuff that’s wrong with me…“ then I’m not worried about other people pointing it out.

Sometimes I have it together, sometimes I’m a mess. I’d say it’s 80/20 just like my diet (but opposite).

My diet is: 80% healthy. 20% donuts.

My life is: 80% a mess. 20% well adjusted adult.

But I am very lucky that I live in Southern California and I have an awesome family and 2.3 friends and went to college and have somewhere to live and have a cat and can run and have went to China and Panama and a ton of other places and know God and have most of my toenails and …

Today I just want to focus on the good stuff – like running and eating. Those are good things that make me happy!

This morning I was back at it running around…

When I got back home I did a 21 Day Fix workout – I usually just pick whatever one I’m feeling. Then, got ready to go and made a green smoothie for the road.

I went to spend some time with my niece. Remember when we did our Confetti Egg Hunt? Well, my SIL said she woke up the next day asking if we could do another egg hunt. Love it.

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I was all about it and scored a few more packages of plastic eggs from the 99 cent store on clearance (I think they were 50 cents!). I brought them over and had her help fill them with Cheerios. She carefully placed 1 Cheerio in each egg and then handed it to me to close.

Then, we took turns hiding them and finding them in the backyard.

Lola is their pup. She’s so energetic and plays fetch like a pro – but the ball is SOPPING wet with her drool after a while. They need one of those legit grab and scoop things to play fetch with her (we were using a make-shift scooper).

She could have played egg hunt for hours and hours but we finally had to bring it inside because one of us needed a snack (me).

Oh! And I got this shirt as a gift from Advocare! I don’t usually wear black shirts but I wanted to sport it proudly because I earned it. I got it as recognition for signing up a certain number of  new Preferred Customers with the company. I dig it because I love sharing discounts – and this is kinda the only way to get a discount on Spark.

Preferred Customer = You sign up for a one time fee $19.95 and get 20% off all Advocare products for a year.  Plus it comes with a variety pack of Spark so you can check out what flavors you like.

I wish they sold variety packs all the time! I think I’m going to cave and just order the Watermelon Spark because several people have said it’s good!

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Anyway. Email me at RunEatRepeat at gmail.com if you have any questions on signing up to be a preferred customer, distributor or just about the products in general.

I’m  a big fan of the Spark (all the time),  Rehydrate (after running),  O2 Gold (before running), and Sleep Works (this is to wind down at night).

Okay… back to running and eating and blogging…

I made a salad and grabbed a perfectly ripe avocado from their fridge to go along with it. My lil person told me ,“That’s for Daddy’s breakfast”. I told her to tell him I took it.

I’m Daddy’s sister and that means we get to steal each other’s food. It’s part of the deal / part of my retaliation for all the times he’d lick something so I wouldn’t eat it. Okay, I left that part out but she’ll figure that out soon because she has a sibling on the way! That’s why I need “H” name suggestions – for a girl.

It was a very fun lil time and we read books and played hide-n-seek until I headed home. There was no traffic on the way back!! That is some kind of Christmas California miracle!!

I had breakfast for dinner but not a fun breakfast like waffles. I made eggs and topped it with tons of hummus.

“Put hummus on everything.” – Monican

And I’m still obsessed with popcorn. OBSESSED.

It’s either because I’m Mexican and my ancestors ate a lot of maize OR because all my jokes are corny.

Vegas is obsessed with putting fur on everything. He tried to jump in the dryer when the clothes were done right now! Not cool. I snapped a picture but then shooed him out of there.

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Question: Do you have any “H” name suggestions?

What are you obsessed with this week??

Me: Popcorn. Fruit Punch Spark. (I have them together most days.) Checking on the pimple growing on my forehead.


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