Hello! This week I am challenging myself and you (yes, scroller in the supermarket line/bathroom/waiting for yoga class to start – YOU) to hydrate properly.

Hydration Challenge

The challenge: Make sure you drink enough all week.

The goal: To learn how much YOUR BODY needs to be properly hydrated.

How: Track what you drink, how ya feel and your pee.

Who: YOU. (Me too.)

Why: Because being just 2% dehydrated can hurt athletic performance. And we don’t want to make running or Zumba or Crossfit any harder than it already is, right?!

I recently had a call with Laura Daray Sr. Scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and a hydration expert. Before our talk I sent her my pre run weight, fluid intake and post run weight to determine my sweat rate. Then, we discussed my hydration needs.

I have always said I am a heavy, salty sweater. And the results came our that my sweat rate is average. But, then I remembered I didn’t account for a HUGE iced coffee that I also drank right before I left for my run! So, I need to do this exercise again to double check.

But the good news is you can determine how much you need to drink when you workout the same way.

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How to determine how much to drink during a run

1. Weigh yourself (nude) before a workout.

2. Exercise for 1 hour.

3. Keep track of the amount of liquid in ounces that you take in from weigh time to when you are done working out.

4. Record weight after the workout (nude). Subtract starting from finish weight and change it to ounces.

5.  Add the ounces of weight difference to ounces of fluid consumed. That is approximately about how much you should drink an hour.

6. Keep in mind changes in climate/season/other will affect this so plan accordingly.

How can I tell if I’m drinking enough

The easiest way to check your hydration is to check your pee. It should be a light lemonade color. If it’s dark you probably have to drink more or are eating weird vitamins or something. If it’s green go to the doctor.

Drinking enough day to day isn’t difficult for me – I struggle BIG in other areas though. So my goal this week is just to make sure I’m staying hydrated in the heat and feeling good.

But, since I had a hydration expert on the phone I asked her the #1 question I get when talking about drinking enough water –

Does coffee count in your water intake?!

Daray said that coffee has a reputation for being dehydrating, but that’s a myth. There has been a lot of research on caffeine and exercise and a lot more has been discovered about coffee along with that. As long as it is in moderate consumption coffee does count toward your water intake. (More info in this study.)

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Don’t worry – I’m cutting back and only having one cup

Question: Do you think you drink enough?

How do you track if you are well hydrated?

What is YOUR goal for this week in checking your hydration?


Disclaimer: This post is part of my partnership with Propel All opinions are my own.


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