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First, let’s talk running and eating and all that fun stuff…

It was perfect running weather yesterday – a little cloudy and cool and dry. Just like I like it (for running, for living I like it hot).

I scored perfectly ripe mangos at the store and had a mango cutting/eating party yesterday evening. Party of one – so I didn’t have to share.

And I had a therapy appointment in the evening that went late. On the way home I drove through Del Taco for a super quick dinner. I added some veggies on the side because I’m used to eating a lala lot.

And today I headed to my parents’ house to workout with my mom. We’re working on updating the home gym (more on that soon!) so it’s a perfect workout/visit combo.

I have seen a lot of signs/shirts that say “Running is cheaper than therapy” but I think dog hugs are just as good and potentially a great therapy replacement. I just roll around and get super dirty and slobbery and it makes me happy.

I think dog hug therapy should be covered by insurance! I’m going to mention that to my UHC contact…


UnitedHealthcare Giveaway

I am really loving working with UHC. I’m all about being your own advocate with your doctor. But beyond that you should know your insurance benefits really well to make sure you’re on the right plan for your needs and know what perks/benefits you can use.

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As a runner you should know your normal.

Make sure to get an annual check-up so you know what your blood pressure, weight, temperature. And a blood test is important to check for any deficiencies. YOUR normal is important because if there ever is anything wrong with you –  you’ll be able to measure it against what your usual info has been.

And a person with health care needs you should know what an HSA is… It’s a personal bank account to help you save and pay for covered health care services and qualified medical expenses. (Yep, this covers therapy but maybe not dry cleaning bills from rolling around with dogs as therapy.)

Want an HSA?  You have to sign up for a high deductible health plan that meets a deductible amount set by the IRS.

HSA 101:

  • Putting money into an HSA reduces your taxable income.
  • You get to decide where/how to spend the money on your health care expenses.
  • If you don’t spend everything you set aside in the HSA you can invest it.

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