Freezing my eggs update… Thoughts on the next step of the process to freeze my eggs. After a week of birth control I had an appointment at the doctor’s office for more blood work and an ultra sound. Once that got the all clear I sat down with the nurse to learn what injections I’d start doing in a few days.

She went through how to set up and get the injections ready – it’s a lot more complicated than I expected!! Watch the video for what I thought it was going to be versus what it actually was…

So I enlisted the help of my friend that’s a nurse practitioner for the first night.  I’m thanking God for her big time.

I’ll share more on the details of the shots soon. This is just a quick update as I’m living it. Let me know if you have any tips or questions.

Eggs Freezing / Fertility Preservation Update Week 2 Video

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