Hello!! How are you? Long time no talk!! I’ve been super overwhelmed with a lot of adulting tasks I’ve let pile up over the past year so I needed a minute to take a deep breathe, run it off, cry, vent, pray and finally tackle that “To Do” list.

Warm Up: Email Bankruptcy.

First – I need to confess that I filed Email Bankruptcy.

What is Email Bankruptcy??

Well, I think it’s something The Bloggess kinda made up. She’s a super popular, funny, awesome blogger and author of Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – both are super funny books about her life and honest stories about her struggles with anxiety and depression.

I listened to both books years ago so I don’t know how much of this is true but… I think she said she gets super overwhelmed and anxious and has filed email bankruptcy once or twice and basically deletes all her email or just starts a new email address and doesn’t look back.

I’m pretty sure she’s actually done this. But… she also talks about her taxidermy raccoon collection and post-it notes fights with her husband – so maybe it was a joke?

Either way I needed to do it.

Last year I just dropped the ball on life, work, relationships, personal hygiene, etc…

And I recently realized it was time to fix it.

Yes. It took me longer than most to pick myself up and move forward but those are issues I’m working on in therapy. And it’s not going to help me to dwell on my mistakes. So for now I’m just accepting this is where I am – looking at it as a Starting Line and moving forward.

But before I could move forward I had to let go of some things keeping me stuck. Those things were a combination of life things and work things…

I had to let go of how I thought I wanted my life to be and who I wanted it to be with.


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I had to move forward without feeling completely ready to because waiting to feel 100% ready wasn’t serving me.


I had to realize I couldn’t catch up on 10,000 emails in one week (or 1 month) and I needed to delete everything. (I created a folder for this month and filed my ‘Important’ email in Gmail there. Then, I deleted everything else. And this week I’m going back and responding to all those emails and staying on top of new ones.)


I had to uninstall Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from my phone. It was really stressing me out and also distracting me from getting things done.


I took a week off from blogging and podcasting.

I never felt like the world would end or anyone would care if I didn’t update social media. But it’s part my job / part wanting to be there for my virtual running buddies so I think it’s an honor to be able to encourage, motivate and give you a place to check in, share, celebrate, vent, get help, help others and just connect. So, I missed it and am happily back now.

But everything else is delayed until next week. Thank you for your patience and support.

Before I run I want to share my favorite RUN, EAT and post I’d like to REPEAT from June!! This is one of my favorite things about blogging – being able to note my faves to look back on later (when I’m old and all alone because I spent all my time on the blog and neglected real life relationships).

Best Run Eat and Repeat from June 2018

Favorite RUN

Running in San Francisco – check out my travel confessions from San Francisco here


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Favorite EAT

Churro Waffles!!! I had this in Seattle on the Brooks Running Ambassador Trip. So amazing.


And on a healthier note – the Banana Split breakfast bowl and snacks I made on the Real California Dairy Trip were so good!

Favorite post I’d like to REPEAT

21 Day Stretch Challenge Series – went so well! It was a lot of fun and so many people participated.

How to Stay in Running Shape in between Races podcast 84


Poll: What should the next challenge be??

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What’s the BEST thing you ate or BEST run from June?






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