Hello! If you’re last minute like me you might be scrambling for a Father’s Day gift for your dad or baby daddy or Father Christmas… I have a list of ideas for the runner in your life.

1. Tom Tom Multi-Sport Cardio watch –  The TomTom Multi-sport watch works for runners or triathletes. It measures distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt! Boom.

2. Race Medal Hanger. I feel like this isn’t something guys buy for themselves and a great gift idea! SportHooks is offering $10.00 off select hooks for Father’s Day.

Order asap for delivery by Father’s Day.

3. Running inspired shirts… a funny runner shirt instead of the usual tech-fabric ones?

Or if you are the runner and your husband isn’t this funny – I don’t do marathons tee… 

4. Fancy Running Stroller for the new dad. Or an old dad with a super lazy kid like me?

I want one of these to push around Vegas… don’t judge.

5. Water bottle. Hey, everyone needs to stay hydrated! But so many water bottles just seem girly for some reason. Maybe it’s just because mine is pink, but yeah…

This “World’s Best Dad” stainless steel bottle is a good option that will last forever and keep drinks cold.

6. Diaper dude bag. Another great idea for the new dad – a diaper bag. Here is a good diaper bag for dad – it’s in camouflage and more of a backpack.

7. A good cologne because runners stink. Or at least I do. Someone can buy me cologne if you want. I like smelling like a boy, is that weird?

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Yes, it is.


I love how BVLGARI and Acqua de Gio smell.

8. Gift cards for restaurants because I feel like every time I try to take my dad out to eat he ends up paying. This is the work around!

Question: Dads – what do you want for Father’s Day?

Peeps – what are you getting the dads in your life?


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