Hi! How are you? I am good – better than earlier this week. I’ve been super stressed with all the internet problems over here at RER Headquarters. That made my email pile up and I was late on a few deadlines. At one point- after it had been down for a few days –  a customer service person walked me through some troubleshooting over the phone and it was working! So, I emailed one of my contacts and said, “My internet is fixed! I’ll have the pictures and work to you by end of day.”

Then, it went down again.


Yes, very first world problems – but I looked like I dropped the ball. Then, I picked it up… and dropped it again.

My point is –  thank you for being patient while RER missed a blog post this week and if you’ve emailed me. I’m trying to catch up.

Okay… speaking of stress – I went to therapy this week. That was helpful. My therapist has a new office … overlooking the ocean. I cannot even handle it. This is so Orange County and way too fancy for me. But she’s awesome and knows I’m not fancy so it works.

In running news… I made a small update to my running gear with these running shorts from Road Runner Sports. I had a store credit from a return and decided to try their 7” shorts in a kinda snake pattern (please note I just spelled ‘snake’ as ‘snack’.

Vegas likes them, that’s just his ‘just woke up’ face.

Post-run food… green protein shake. In the mix: ice, banana, vanilla  protein powder, almond milk, spinach.

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Blend. Top with nuts. Enjoy!

I’ve also been spending quality time with this pink tennis ball. No, I didn’t finally schedule my tennis lesson… I’m using it to roll out super tight muscles in my back / butt area. It hurts so good. Is that weird?

Vegas doesn’t think it’s weird. He thinks it’s completely acceptable.

But you know what is kind of weird?

Cooking french fries in eggs.

But it’s also awesome. Stick with me here…

Ben and I went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries yesterday. They have amazing burgers and fries, but it’s a little pricey compared to ‘fast food’ places.

(The price situation is something we’ll talk about another day when I assess their price with the same amount of food at In N Out. Stay tuned.)

First we had a debate over whether or not you’re supposed to throw the peanut shells on the ground.

I asked on Instagram and most said ‘no’. Well, aren’t you all so fancy.


Actually, I was on the side of ‘no’ too but Ben said ‘yes’. So I asked a girl behind the counter (she worked there, she wasn’t just randomly behind the counter lost or something).

Monican: “Are you supposed to throw the peanut shells on the floor?”

Girl worker: “Yes, there’s not a sign that says it or anything but we expect people to. If someone from corporate comes and sees peanut shells on the floor we don’t get in trouble…”

So, throw it on the floor. If you want. You could also just use an extra tray for the shells.

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We got two orders of fries and had some leftover so I cooked them up in an egg scramble. Do it.


February Goals: My main non-running / eating goal for February is to get organized. Being unorganized really contributes to my stress and anxiety. So, this month I am organizing: my closet, make-up, email, finances and kitchen.

I started with my make-up because I knew this lil tool would help. I bought a few of them so my mascara, lip sticks and other brushes / pencils / liners would stand up and be visible and easy to grab. Boom.

Related… I’ve gotten a lot of questions on what face make-up I use… it’s just the dew skin tinted moisturizer from Beauty Counter and has spf and is light and doesn’t smell. Boom. Dig it.

Question: Do you have a goal for February? What is it?

Are you organized? Can you come over and help me??


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