My best friend Cindy is allergic to cats. She has several bad allergies and cat fur is on the list of things she needs to avoid. This is a huge problem because she’s A.) my only friend and B.) I have a cat. So what do I do? I can’t get rid of my best friend and I can’t get rid of my cat (who’s not really my 2nd best friend but I’d like to keep around in case I ever have a mouse problem).

Luckily Cindy and I have had to deal with being super opposites since we were kids and have learned how to make the other person comfortable. She makes sure her fridge is stocked with tons of food when I come over and I make sure to do a very thorough cat-fur-cleaning before she comes over. Boom.

When I recently worked with FLONASE® SENSIMIST™ on this post Tips for Running with Spring Allergies – it occurred to me that Cindy should try this spray. One thing led to another and today I’m sharing tips on how to get your house ready for a guest who’s allergic to cats (when you have a cat obvi, if you don’t have a cat you can just have your allergic friend come over but you should really get a cat because they’re cool but not so cool that it’s annoying ya know?).

How To Get Your House Ready for a Guest with Cat Allergies

1. Take your cleaning up a level

Clean with extra attention to areas where your cat hangs out a lot.

Vacuum and mop.

Wipe down hard surfaces where there might be cat hair.

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Use some elbow grease on your cat’s favorite napping spot

Consider wiping your cat down with a special mitt or brush to get rid of extra fur before it starts a new trail of it

2. Focus on where your guest will hang out

Vacuum the couch and fabric covered chairs.

Wipe down hard surfaces and chairs.

Use a lint roller to do a final run through of any stray fur.

TIP: Give your cat a blanket (or use one they’ve already adopted as their favorite) and encourage them to sleep on that blanket when on the couch. Then, put this away while your guest is over.

3. Cat free zone.

Choose a cat free zone where your cat is not allowed (at least while guests with cat allergies are over).

Keep your cat closed off in another room and/or give them another place to hang out.

Stick to your choice after you’ve rid that area of pet fur.

Tip: Cat nip is really a good bribing tool.

4. Clear the air

Replace your air filter and/or get an air filter machine.

Air out the rooms where your friend will be by opening windows before they come over.

If you have a cat condo or scratcher place it outside or tucked away.

Ask your guest if there is anything you can do to prepare so they’re comfortable.


Vegas is not happy about being inconvenienced but too bad for him…

5. Have remedies ready.

Make sure your guest knows they are entering a home with a cat – even if you have cleaned thoroughly.

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Remind them to bring any allergy relief tools they need.

I noticed the FLONASE® SENSIMIST™ package said it works on animal allergies so I mentioned it to my bff and told her I would keep one here for her to use the next time she comes over.

Cindy loved that it’s a nasal spray and not a pill because those seem to take longer to start working. I loved that she came over and we watched old episodes of Broad City because she just discovered that show and I feel like I’ve seen the same 4 episodes over and over.

You can get FLONASE® SENSIMIST™ at CVS Pharmacy. Check out videos on how it works and more here. And follow #SensimistAtCVS on twitter and instagram for more.


Question: Do you have a cat? Are you allergic to cats?

Cindy and one of her sons have seasonal allergies and are allergic to cats so I try to do this cat cleaning makeover before they come over.


Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about how to #BeGreater with #SensimistAtCVS. All opinions are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


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