Hello! It’s Global Running Day!! Are you running today? Did you already run? Did you skip your run but now feel obligated to squeeze it in later??

Well, I am all about celebrating random holidays – especially holidays that celebrate my favorite things (running and eating)! So, I’m definitely going to celebrate #GlobalRunningDay by buying a globe, going for a run and crossing off the day in my calendar.

The story of how Global Running Day got started…

Most people don’t know how this runner focused holiday got started. Do you?

The first Global Running Day actually happened by accident. During the 22nd Olympics summer games the gold medal winner of the men’s marathon lost his medal at the closing ceremony. Not wanting to look foolish he didn’t tell anyone except a few close teammates.

They knew someone at the ceremony must have found it. So, they made a plan to split up and shake the hand of all the athletes in attendance. They basically RAN through the stadium meeting athletes from all around the GLOBE. They found the medal and celebrated by calling it #GlobalRunningDay

And none of that is true but I feel like it’s fun to think about, right?


Well it really is Global Running Day and I have a lot of fun ideas on how to celebrate.

One idea is to hang out with me on the Women’s Running Instagram LIVE stories feed today at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm!!!  I’ll be there to chat about running and  eating and random stuff in honor of this fun day! Bring a snack! (For me, thanks).

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Check out Global Running Day here to pledge to run and find local running events in your area.

Global Running Day

1. Go for a run…  and donate to a good cause

Charity Miles is an app that donates to the charity of your choice (you pick based on their list)


2. Get a training plan or a running coach

Can’t afford a running coach? Get a dog!

Can’t get a dog?  Get me a dog! Thanks.

Or get a friend who likes to boss and let them tell you what workouts to do.

3. Get new running shoes or replace that old ratty sports bra that used to be pink but now looks like a grey-beige color.

Is it time for a new pair of running shoes? Do you know how many miles you’ve run on your shoes?

Check the bottoms and see how they’re worn down. It might be time for a new pair – that’s exciting!

Vegas loves my stinky shoes. I’d like to think it’s because he loves me, but I think it’s because he’s gross.


4. Torture yourself. Wait! I mean – Foam Roll. Do some foam rolling…

It’s kinda painful in the moment but long term your muscles will thank ya!


5. Ice … or get ice cream

Nursing an injury? Ice.

Feel an old injury ache a bit after your run? Ice.

Temperatures rising? Ice.

Had a great run today? Ice cream.

Had a bad run today? More ice cream.


6. Read a running blog or start a running blog!

Hey, you’re reading RER! Cross this one off the list.

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7. Sign up for a race!

Even better – sign up for your dream race. Or at least think about what your #1 most awesome dream race would be.

Check out Active or Half Marathons.net or Marathon Guide or whatever your favorite race site is to find one. There are a lot of discounts and deals for runners today. If you’re considering registering for a race jump on it! Or should I say run on it?

Check out my Race Discounts page for upcoming race coupon codes.

8. Hydrate.

Summer is coming. Get friendly with your water-bottle and make sure you’re getting enough water every day.  It’s an important part of taking care of your body and it’s extra important for running performance.

(I drink a lot of water but this water-bottle has Spark )

9. Carb-load.

Do this. Even if you’re not a runner because it’s Global Running Day and you should be able to partake in one of the most sacred ancient running rituals even if you’re not logging miles.


10. Check out your local Monican on Women’s Running’s Instagram

Today I’ll be hanging out on Instagram Live for a bit at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm PST. Follow Women’s Running on IG and check out their Instagram stories LIVE around that time and we can talk about running and running shoes and … well right now I just have donuts on my mind but we can talk about other stuff too.


Question: How are you celebrating Global Running Day?


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