Hello! Welcome to the Run Eat Repeat podcast… Today I’m talking with Kelly Roberts – creator of ‘Global Sports Bra Squad Day’! *It’s July 13th 2019! She’s amazing and super open with her journey going from hating running to running marathons to creating a worldwide movement helping people love their bodies. And just a head’s up – Kelly and I are on the same page with most things but have very different opinions on a certain California food establishment and it might be a little offensive to some.

Warm Up:

21 Day Stretch Challenge is almost over!! Get in the last few stretches and check in on the @RunEatRepeat Instagram daily update!

The Stretch of the Day is a seated shin stretch… it’s kind of a weird one in that it doesn’t look like a typical stretch but feels good.

Stretch AFTER your run or workout. Be gentle and listen to your body.

Remember – Always consult with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program. Stop if there is any pain. Be smart, safe and kind to your body.

 Now let’s get running with Kelly Roberts…

Kelly Roberts is an inspiration on social media. But if you don’t read her captions you might not know she’s struggled with body image.

In college her brother passed away very unexpectedly and she shut down. As she tried to deal with the tragedy she gained a lot of weight.

But with support of her family, friends and a professor in her nutrition class she eventually decided to get healthy and lost 75 pounds. Eventually she found running – and shares training, victories and struggles on her website and podcast. Now she’s about to lead the 2nd Global Sports Bra Squad Day and is here to tell us how it all started and how we can participate.

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Kelly Roberts on the Sports Bra Squad:

Kelly Roberts aka Run Selfie Repeat aka President of the I Hate Running Club aka Captain of the Sports Bra Squad aka She Can and She Did Podcast host and more!

Kelly Roberts shares on the Run Eat Repeat podcast on…

Former President of the ‘I hate running club’ … How did you get started running?

You lost 75 pounds – How do you balance being healthy and keeping that weight off with not being super restrictive and loving your body?

This Sunday is Global Sports Bra Squad Day… Update: This year GlobalSportsBraDay is July 13th! 

How did the Sports Bra Squad start?

How do people join?

What are you training for right now?

What’s your victory lap? (this is where we differ and now I’m craving fries…) 

“This Sunday, over 80 cities around the world are hosting Global #SportsBraSquad Day meetups!

Not sure what global #SportsBraSquad day is? It’s a day dedicated to showing the world that strength comes in all shapes, sizes and ages and not JUST that one body type and that twenty something year old we see over and over and over and over and over. “

Global Sports Bra Squad Day information

Global Sports Bra Squad Day is this Sunday June 24th July 13th! If you want to join or or want more information check out…

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She Can and She Did – Global Sports Bra Squad Day Meet-Ups

You can follow Kelly Roberts on Instagram here – @kellykkroberts

And follow along using the hashtags – #shecanandshedid and #sportsbrasquad

Awards for this week:

1. OB Tampons – they are the best. I think they’re good for the environment because they don’t have an applicator AND they’re easy to stick in your sports bra or key pocket.

Here’s a link to the OB Tampons Multi-Pack with different sizes in one box.

2. Spray sunblock for hard to reach places. This Alba Botanica Spray Sunblock is spf 50 and on sale right now too!

3. Tom’s shoes – I wear them so much I might start running in them!

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