Hello! I made a delicious green smoothie with pineapple this morning. I wish I made a double batch! But first… let’s talk running.

Today is HOT for February. 86 degrees. I love CA. Fo life.

But, it was almost 70 when I was running and felt the sun pounding down on me. So, I shifted my visor to the east where the sun was coming from. When I got home I realized… I look like a tragedy. Ha! Oh well.

Before my run I ate the last banana with almond butter…

I wanted another green smoothie to go with breakfast but usually a ripe banana is what I use to sweeten it up! This time I used some canned pineapple packed in juice. It was amazing!

In the green smoothie: Ice, Almond Milk, 2/3 cup pineapple, big handful spinach, splash of OJ to get right consistency.

Also, since B-diddy (Ben) is around this week I made him and epic breakfast  = leftover pizza topped with eggs! It’s basically breakfast pizza if it has eggs on top right?

And in an effort to be the best I FAILED at cookies last night. I looked up a sugar cookie recipe and everything was going great until I drowned them in cinnamon. Even with frosting slathered on top they were not good.


Now I’m going to…

stay the heck inside and catch up on work. Womp womp womp.

Question: On a scale from 1 to 10

1 = Me.

10 = The world’s best baker.

How good of a baker are you?

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