Hello! I just had the fanciest dinner and lunch and cooking lesson from Curtis Stone. What is going on? I guess no one knows I’m not fancy! I tried to pretend by hiding my doubts under my big hair…

I was in Los Angeles for a blog event with Bosch. The first night we had a private dinner made by Curtis Stone. (Please note I just wrote ‘my’ Curtis Stone instead of ‘by’ – Ha! He’s married and I need to get it together.)

Dinner was at a super fancy home in the hills with the Hollywood sign in the background. It was AMAZING. The views of Los Angeles and the sign – amazing. The food – amazing. The private cooking lesson (that I made up in my head) – amazing.

That’s Downtown LA in the background.

And you might have heard about a little town in California called Hollyland or Hollytown or something like that, I can’t remember…


“Cheers” to sneaking into fancy situations I have no business in…

Curtis Stone has two local restaurants and works with Bosch. He cooked dinner and walked us through one of the appetizers. I got a quick lesson in the walnut focaccia (it was delicious).

I was super scared to help but he put me on the grill – I don’t even own a grill! Ahhh! I felt like I was going to mess it up. But then I realized this isn’t that crazy cooking show with the chef that yells at everyone. Whew!

So I woman-ed up and did my job.

I did it! I didn’t burn myself or the focaccia – so I’m putting it down as a WIN.

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Curtis Stone is a super huge celebrity chef – but was the most down to earth, nice person. He was legit cooking and explaining everything to us and answering questions – it was a great night.  I’m already a fan of good food and I love people who love food… throw in the gorgeous location and Boom. It was really fun!

The theme of his restaurant is focused on walnuts right now so that was the focus of our meal. (They switch up the menu every month.)

Dessert was amazing and I have to note the little surprise…

It was a dairy free, gluten free cake. There was a chocolate walnut on top that was filled with banana mousse. It was amazing.

The night was gorgeous. It’s been super windy here – but that makes for clear skies.

And now I have a copy of Stone’s cookbook –Good Food Good Life. I’m excited to try a few new recipes.

Plus I’m pretty sure a side effect of making his food is that you start to develop an Australian accent. You can check out his website here – Curtis Stone.

Fun fact: If you say “rise up lights” fast it sounds like ‘razor blades’ with an Australian accent.

Question: Can you do an accent from another place? Which one? Do people believe it?

Me: nope. I wish I could do an Irish accent.


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