Hello! How are you? I’m good. I should probably schedule a therapy appointment to talk through that bee debacle from yesterday. But other than that I managed to avoid any bee interactions on my run this morning!

I am ramping up for Christmas, but not in the usual ways. Even though I LOVE Christmas decorations and lights and music – I’m not decorating my lil home. This is because:

a.) I’m lazy

b.) … uh, I’ll finish this later.

But I am getting in the holiday spirit by doing the following super festive things:

1. Painting my nails a super sparkly red. I love this color!

2. Gearing up for either being invited to a Christmas Party (fingers crossed) or running a Christmas race.

This year ProCompression made “Ugly Sweater” inspired socks.

3. Dressing up as Santa and her elf…

This is a double win because now he’s mad at me. That sounds bad but is actually a good way to keep cat fur off my leggings. Boom.

4. Running.

This gets me in a happy spirit in general. Timing it up near the holidays is just a bonus.

Sidenote: I ran out of my full size sunblock this morning and grabbed this travel sized sunblock. Um, I never noticed before but I like the smell of this. It’s still sunblock, but a lot more pleasant than the last one I bought.

5. Christmas shopping!

I have a great idea for a group gift for my family. I want to tell you but I think my mom might check the blog when I don’t answer my phone to see if I’m alive and I don’t want to risk her finding out!! (I could just answer my phone, but I am not ready to commit to that.)

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6. Thinking about baked goods.

Okay, I do this all the time but this is for gift purposes. Last year I made the Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls to give away. They were a huge hit! But I want to make something else this year. I want to have ‘my thing’ = a specific cookie, cake, bread that I make super well and everyone likes.

I was thinking about making brownies. I think they’re universally liked, you can eat them any time (I kind of thought the cinnamon rolls were best in the morning but didn’t hand them out in the morning so not ideal), they’re a little fancier than cookies (I think?)…

My parents’ neighbor sends over brownies every year on Christmas morning and they’re really good and we look forward to it! So, I’m kind of copying her / using that as inspiration. I wouldn’t think that my fam would get so excited about brownies, but they’re so good and it’s a special thing just this time of year.

I was thinking about doing a bundt cake but I kind of want it in individual servings to make it easier.

Thoughts? Brownies? Cinnamon rolls again? Cookies?


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