Hello!  Happy Cinco de Mayo! Are you celebrating with a margarita? tacos? by wearing a sombrero? listening to mariachis? reading a blog written by a redheaded Mexican???

Well, you have one of those crossed off the list! Thanks for reading

If you forgot it about this very important holiday – don’t worry. I‘m going to hook you up with some easy Mexican recipes from RER. This is a list of some of my favorite Mexican food recipes that are super easy. Some of the recipes are vegetarian. And even better – some of them have tequila.

11 Mexican Food Recipes

1. Easy Mexican Corn Dip Recipe

2. Super Easy Taco Bake

3. Easy Chicken Pozole in Crockpot

4. Chicken Tacos in Crockpot

5. Vegetarian Chorizo & Potatoes Tacos

6. How to Bake Tostada Shells

7. Chile Relleno Casserole

8. Ortega Omelet

Need a cocktail to celebrate?  Try one of these:

9. Skinny Margarita Recipe

10. Paloma Cocktail

11. Watermelon Margarita Recipe


Plus…. I’ve been working on my signature cocktail recipe but it’s not ready yet! Well, I think maybe the recipe is ready but I can’t share it because I didn’t get a good final picture of it. Coming soon!

Aaaaand I may have broken a glass while making / tasting this adult beverage so I decided to call it a night and work on it again today.

Oh! I’m so excited about this. Love it.

Now I gotta run…. . literally! I’ll see you later.

Question: What’s your favorite thing to get at a Mexican restaurant?

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? How?

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