It’s Fast Friday! Today we’re talking about running form – specifically arm swing.

I noticed in my last race pics from the Lexus Lace Up 10k  that my arms are swinging in front of my body. What?!!

I try to have good form because it helps with running economy.

And if we’re being honest – I extra try to keep good form during a race when I see a race photographer!!

So that means I either got super excited when I saw the photo and half waved / half ran… or I didn’t have good form.

Running form is a big topic and every body is different so today I’m just addressing arm swing.

>>> Your arms should be at a 90 degree angle (or about there) and swing forward and back – not across your body.

>>>  Nips / hips and chips – hand goes no higher than your nipple –>  stops at your hip.

>>> (Chips…) Your hand shouldn’t be in a super tight fist – keep it light like you’re holding a chip between your thumb and pointer finger.

>>> If you notice your neck, back or wrists hurt you might want to check how you are swinging your arms – how you are holding your hands – how your shoulders and neck are positioned and if there’s any tension.

More than anything your arm swing should be helping you run – not hurting or slowing you down.

Have a good run!

Check out my Nips, Hips and Chips video for tips on on how to swing your arms while running here.

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On a scale of 1 to 10… How was your arm swing form on your last run?

1 = Sloppy McSlopperson (after 3 margaritas and your foot is asleep)

5 = okay

10 = Top #1 Navy Seal on their best day!


Note – As with everything you see on Run Eat Repeat’s site and social channels… Do what is best for your body. Always consult your doctor before doing any exercise or diet routine. Take care of your body.


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