Hi! I’m still trying to paint the kitchen cabinets. It’s going… um, messy. I am physically unable to do anything and not make a mess. I manage to dirty 4 dishes just pouring a glass of water!

So, I didn’t want to cook eggs (or anything else) in the chaos of my kitchen this morning. But I wanted to make sure I had some protein to start the day. Since my blender is in a box somewhere I made protein packed toast.

Protein Peanut Butter Toast

I’ve made protein PB before with protein powder + PB or almond butter –> but that often comes out super dry.

So I added a splash of milk first to the protein powder and it was creamy and smooth.

Ingredients: 2 Tb. PB or almond butter, 1 scoop protein powder, ~ 2 Tb. milk


  1. Mix protein powder and milk thoroughly.
  2. Put nut butter in small microwave safe bowl and heat to make it easier to stir (15-30 seconds depending on how hard it is to stir).
  3. Combine.

Enjoy on toast, a banana, straight from the spoon!

There are a lot of protein added nut butters out there right now. This requires a little more work, but is a lot less expensive! I used vanilla protein powder, but it should work with any flavor.

If you want a ready made option I’ve heard Buff Bake is really good (but I’m not fancy enough to have tried it myself).

I have tried this Go Lo High Protein Almond Butter and it’s good, but a little drier than regular almond butter. There are so many options so if you know one is amazing share it in the comments!

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Just a little fun fact – I am typing this still covered in paint on my hands and arms  because it doesn’t want to come off… and I needed to eat before really trying to get clean. So I ate, obviously that’s the priority.  But then I remembered I needed to write this post. And now I realize I should get my life together and wash up….

Question: Peanut Butter or Almond Butter?


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