Today I have some awesome life hacks and tips and tricks for making pumpkin spice everything in the most lazy way possible.

Vegas is holding onto me tonight. It’s sweet… but I think it’s more of a power play.

Speaking of that lil gato… he’s covered in cat hair!!?! I wanted to wash him to get all the cat hair off.

But I think he shrunk in the dryer! Oh well, maybe I can feed him less now.


He jumped in there when I wasn’t looking. Tricker!!

Let’s go through all my tips and life hacks for today…

How to Figure Out Where to Hang a Mirror:

1. Buy mirror.

2. Cut out piece of paper or cardboard the same size/shape of the mirror and tape it to wall to see how you like it. Leave it up there for 24 hours so you can see it as different times of the day.

3. Have a friend come over and casually ask if that mirror placement is good ‘Feng Shui’

4. Proceed to Google it and find out it is NOT good Feng Shui to put a mirror facing the door.

5. Start from square one and find another spot for mirror even though your Grams would have said “No que la feng shway!” and dismissed this entire thing.


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How to relax on a Sunday night…

1. Get wine and a heating pad.

(Note- get a real heating pad not this 99 cent store BS I got)

2. Drink wine. Put heating pad somewhere on your body that feels good.

3. Catch up on Mad Men (or whatever show you’re binge watching)

Also… is anyone watching it right now?

I’m on the part with the firm trying to get Jaguar and all the stuff that comes along with that (hello the Joan thing!). Anyone?


How to Make Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix… or Pumpkin Spice Anything really…

1. Get a food you want to make Pumpkin Spiced

2. Sprinkle Pumpkin Spice seasoning on it.

3. Eat. Repeat.

All you need => Cinnamon Chex + Pumpkin Pie Spice = Pumpkin Spice Chex

Question: What’s your ‘How To’ for today?


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