How to run across the Golden Gate Bridge – updated with new pictures and extra tips. If you’re in San Francisco and want to walk across the bridge or run to it / across it – save this post for information. It’s easy and free – but nice to have a virtual running buddy with ya!

I arrived in San Francisco after midnight. My flight was delayed and the shuttle ride took a while. So, I went straight to bed after researching today’s run.

Last night I googled “How to run across the golden gate bridge” and found a familiar website at #5 – Run Eat Repeat!

I ran across the Golden Gate a few years ago when I was in town for the Foodbuzz food blogger Festival. Hello RER…  fancy seeing you here! After that adventure I made some notes on how we got to the start of the bridge because another blogger tried to run there too and took a path that was closed. That’s a bummer if you’re traveling and only have one day to check it out. Hopefully these steps will help…

After checking out my old post I confirmed my notes with the front desk (they didn’t really help since they told me the driving directions to the bridge) and set off on foot.

Running Across the Golden Gate bridge is easy, but I got lost the first time I tried it so I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going.

Reminder: The Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long – one way. So just doing the bridge is over 3 miles. If you also run to the bridge, then across it… you’re going to rack up a lot of miles. Make sure you look up how many miles it is from your starting point to the bridge and back. This could be an amazing long run – if you have the time and training. I’ve done it from various points in San Francisco and it’s been anywhere from 7 miles to over 11 miles.

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Running Across the Golden Gate Bridge

1. From area hotels – head to Fisherman’s wharf or take a taxi to Crissy Field. Basically down to the water and toward the bridge / wharf…

2. Run on the sidewalk near the bay towards the bridge… after a few miles you’ll come to Fort Mason and a steep hill. Keep going on that path up and over the hill, then it curves to the right again on a bike/pedestrian path toward the bridge.

3. There are two ways at this point, I chose to stay near the water because it’s gorgeous and peaceful.

After a while you will see a sign on your left like the one below (or you can keep going straight which doesn’t go to the bridge – this is how I got lost the first time).

4. Go up the stairs and it will lead you to a winding path that takes you to the bridge. There is the famous look out point here too. Best photo op in San Francisco!

5. Finally you made it to the bridge!

The Golden Gate is 1.7 miles across one way. Since it was early there weren’t too many runners, but I have heard it gets pretty packed during the day.

There is a good view of San Francisco from the other side… even though I can’t prove it. It was super foggy on this day! I’ve walked across a bridge on a clear day and it’s gorgeous!

I did about 11 miles but stopped a lot on the way back for pictures.

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Later my victory lap will be an epic sundae from Ghiradelli Square… yeah buddy.

See ya later!

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