Welcome to Day 1 of the Run Faster 5 Day Challenge!

This is your starting line. You get a fresh start. You get to define your goals and define yourself.

Today you’re a runner with BIG GOALS – and nothing’s holding you back.

Let’s go!

Day 1: Goal Setting

Today we’re talking about setting smarter goals. Set yourself up for success by planning your training and setting goals based on your current fitness,time,experience,etc.

Print out the worksheets for today and let’s go…

Run Faster Challenge Day 1:

  1. Write down all your fitness/running dreams and goals. Make them big, scary, amazing, special, meaningful…
  2. Choose your top 3 goals from the dreams list and write them down.
  3. List action items, resources and timeline for your goals. Are they complimentary? Should you choose 1 to focus on?
  4. Use that information to set A, B and C Goals. These should be based on 1 main goal – but different measures of success. You don’t get to give up just because your BIG goal was a little out of reach. Keep going. Get as close as possible! Hit that next goal.
  5. Optional: Set a mini-goal for this week and a 90 day goal. [The 90 day goal might not be applicable depending on your timeline. That’s okay. If it’s helpful – use it. If not – focus on your A, B and C goals.]

Next – After you fill out your worksheets – share your goals! Share them with the FB group or on IG. Stay accountable. Motivate others!

Tag @RunEatRepeat so I can see your updates too!!

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Day 1 To Do:

  •  Run Faster Workbook Day 1 – print out the Goal Sheets with fill in pages 4-6 [below]
  •  Video -> Facebook Live at 12pm PST today! See you there!
  •  Share your goals on Instagram or Facebook and tag me.

You can use this link to download the pages via Google Docs:

Run Faster Challenge Day 1 workbook

**If you haven’t signed up yet and want to join -> Join the Run Faster 5 Day Challenge here**

Watch the Day 1 Video here:


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