You know how they say you start to look like your dog? Well, I realized today that Vegas and I have a lot in common. We’re both kinda orange and like tuna, leaving our hair/fur everywhere, lots of attention (when we feel like it) and more. So I thought I’d compare what I love vs. what Vegas loves.

Here is what Vegas loves vs what I love….

I love yogurt.

So does Vegas (but he prefers turkey). I dropped a piece of apple covered in yogurt and he licked it clean.

I love going for walks in the afternoon.

He loves sleeping in the afternoon (and morning and night and always).

I love my lavender heat wrap thingy. It’s so nice and relaxing.

Vegas loves it too! I put it on to see what he would do and he just laid there and started purring.

We both love being smashed by this guy sometimes:

I love my family.

Vegas probably thinks they’re okay sorta…

I love both these guys.

Vegas loves one of them.

I love cereal.

Vegas doesn’t love cereal as much as he loves checking out what I’m eating because I usually eat ice cream on the couch and he will never turn that down. I always want a bite of people’s food too so I get that.

Question: What is one thing both you and your pet like?

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