It’s gorgeous running weather and gorgeous scenery in Orange County right now. I had to stop and smell take pictures of the flowers.

I ran 13 miles while listening to Andy’s Cohen’s new book Superficial. It’s literally just his diary and just day-to-day stuff but is super entertaining.

He talks about work – including famous people he’s interviewing on WWHL,

the real housewives – sometimes with behind the scenes drama,

his parents – his mom is adorable and strong willed and I love her

his dog Waka – who is biting people! He is a rescue that needs training.

his super fancy vacations – including a week on a yacht with super rich & famous people including one of the Olsen twins

food – he lives in New York and every now and then talks about grabbing a slice of pizza at the end of the night… which has me picturing amazing NYC style pizza – that’s hard to find around here.

So all the pizza talk had me on a mission to have thin crust pizza this week. I was going to go out for pizza with a friend, but that fell though. So I hit up the grocery store to see what my frozen pizza options were. I ended up looking at every single frozen pizza option one by one for the longest time.

I’m sure the employees at Ralph’s think I’m a complete weirdo. They always ask me if I need help because I spend hours and hours walking up and down the aisles looking at everything as if I’ve never been to the store before in my life. But I like going to grocery shopping! I think I should start a grocery shopping service in the OC for people who don’t have time or hate it. Shark Tank.

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I got into a discussion with the cutest lil grandma lady about frozen pizza. She said she likes the frozen pizza from Alberston’s (store brand). Her daughter was taking her shopping and helping her pick one. It was the cutest thing ever.

But I decided to just got home and order a pizza and try to lure Cindy to come over and hang out. I went with Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza.

Vegas went with sitting in a box.

I am also in need of a haircut but decided to get a blow-out first to see if I just might need my bangs trimmed and some inspiration to actually do my hair…

I need to learn how to do my hair beachy waves style. I kind of had it all pushed together so the curls look tighter in this picture so it’s not a great representation, but I really loved how it looked. I know I need a flat iron to get this look but I don’t own one and am super loyal to my hot rollers so we’ll see.

I think you’re supposed to make a blow-out last a few days but I don’t know how a runner girl would do that. I have a lot of hair so I can’t just put it in a loose bun to run.

I ran on Sunday morning and did my hair in the usual braids. Then, I put it up to take a shower. Post-shower I took it down and it was pretty straight – my hair doesn’t like to hold a curl. So, I put the hot rollers in it to give it a boost and it came out okay – but does not look like a blowout.

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I walked by Old Navy after I left the Blow Dry bar and saw they had a crazy sale – 40% off EVERYTHING in the store. Everything.

So I walked in because I need shorts. Well, a few tops fell into my hands and my Guardian Angel was probably trying to teach me a lesson because this morning when I went to put on one of my new tees I realized the security tag was still on it!!?! Boo.

(I just checked and the 40% off sale ends today & is online too. It’s automatically applied – no discount code needed.)

The moral of the story is:

I shouldn’t buy things I don’t need.

I should buy a flat iron because I do need to curl my hair in beachy waves.

If I order a huge pizza I’m going to eat it all within 19 hours. (And this is Andy Cohen’s fault)

I should open a restaurant that sells donuts & pizza or donuts as big as a pizza.

Question: What was the BEST thing you RAN or ATE or DID this weekend?


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