Hello! I just came back from Las Vegas! So please ignore all the typos and randomness – I only got 2 hours of sleep over the last 2 nights! (I usually don’t have an excuse for my typos so I’m gonna milk this.)


I almost cancelled on going to Vegas because the two recent family emergencies pushed me behind on projects and I have been helping to organize things for my family. But we were heading there for my friend’s art gallery opening. It’s a really BIG deal and I wanted to be supportive. Check out Kurtis Rykovich’s art here. If you’re in Las Vegas you can visit his gallery on Freemont Street in Downtown. It’s in the Container Park complex.

Huge Congratulations to Kurtis!!

But now let me tell you a story about the dangers of Las Vegas. Don’t let this happen to you.

My best friend and I drove up from Orange County to Las Vegas late Friday. We both worked a full day before heading out. This is mistake #1 – the traffic to Las Vegas on a Friday afternoon is the worst. It will take forever and 4 hours to get there.

We made it and met up with my cousin and her friend. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we all rushed to get ready to go out. Since it was so late we went straight to an afterhours club. There were beverages and dancing and a lot of random pictures and Instagram stories…

1. The best Las Vegas tip I can give ya is – always bet on red.

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2. The second best tip is to be smart and make sure you and your friends stick together.

We had a group of four girls and were pretty good about staying together (even though one team member always wanders off looking for her phone / food / lip gloss / meaning in a world full of chaos… I’m not going to point fingers but her name is Cindy).

It was a BLAST and we ended up heading home after the sun was up.

Good thing I had my super overpriced sunglasses that I bought from a gas station…

(  Neon Green Sunglasses  // Pink Tank Dress via Charlotte Russe   //  Guess Nude Pumps  )

When we got back to the hotel I crashed for 1 hour and then woke up because my body don’t like to sleep during the day. Everyone else was completely knocked out so I got food, caught up on email and even hit the Spa at the Red Rock Casino. Boom! I needed that.

A little later I was going through Instagram and catching up on everyone’s life and fun. The girls were waking up and we were talking about our adventures.

I flipped though IG liking all the pics from last night and remembering random funny things. Then, it happened – I was a picture that made me question everything about my friends, Las Vegas, my best angle and more.

Cindy posted a series of pics and swiped through them loving each one.

We were all relaxing in the hotel room when I suddenly yell…

“You replaced me!??! You replaced me with a random white girl when I was peeing!”

Everyone was confused and then Cindy started laughing so hard. Then Ro and Arcy looked up Cindy’s insta to swipe through her post.

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She posted 8 pictures of selfies with us in different places from last night. Except – one of the pictures didn’t have me in it. And instead of just taking a pic without me she grabbed a random girl from the restroom and had her stand in for me.

HA!! It was extra funny because the girl was taller and lighter than Cindy so I teased her that she found another white looking person to replace me. Not cool.

We were laughing so hard because of my reaction and probably the fact that we were all so tired and delirious.

So, I have an opening in my own friendship circle for a 4”8 girl with long black hair. Anyone available?

The moral of the story is:

My best friend since 1st grade either cannot pick me out of a line-up OR is looking to replace me.

And now I need some sleep (and a donut. We’ll talk later…

Question: Have you ever taken a picture with a stranger?

Has someone asked you to be in their picture?


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