I’m like Santa Claus because I’d take cookies from strangers.

I’m like Santa’s reindeer because I want to fly run around the world.

I’m like Rudolph because I have a red nose head.

I’m like the Three Wise Men because I’m always late.

I’m like the Grinch because my heart is 2 sizes too small for my body.

But, I’m the opposite of Frosty the Snow Man because I would die in the snow.

Thankfully, Ben is from Florida so I get to be a snow chilly weather bird for Christmas! I’m super thankful he’s not from somewhere cold.

His fam is from a small-ish town 80 miles south of Tampa. No stores are open – not even Dunkin Donuts. So, my run this morning was quiet and peaceful.

I ran to the beach for a quick hello, before heading back. Got in about 7 miles.

I was hoping to spot a manatee, but didn’t have any luck I love manatees.

When I got back I made an egg sandwich and snacked on tons of fruit. My mother-in-law is amazing about keeping fresh fruit stocked. I might turn into a pineapple soon…

Plus some coffee flavored with eggnog Merry Christmas to me!

I did spot a Christmas sign on my run too…

Happy Birthday Jesus!

But, now I keep saying “It’s Jesus’ birthday!!!” a la Melissa from Real Housewives of New Jersey. I first said it to make fun, and now I can’t get it out of my head. That’s what I get.

I called my mom to check in wit my family’s Christmas, but everyone else was still asleep. Guess I’ll have to try in a bit…

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Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Merry Christmas!


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