Binge Eating vs Over Eating

I love all the body positivity messages on Instagram and Facebook. I love seeing pictures of women owning their bodies no matter what size or shape or where they are on their journey. I want to share more body positivity on this lil blog. But it also occurred to me that you can love your...

Q&A on Intuitive Eating & Binging, Tips for SUMMER Running and more!

New Q&A from your instagram questions on my skincare routine, tips for SUMMER running, will intuitive eating make you binge, would I adopt and more! You can watch it here and get more information. If you have a question leave it in the comment below, email me at or leave it in the...

What I Ate Today– Food Diary

Hello! Today’s Instagram Check in Post is a food diary. It’s been so long since I’ve done a full day of eats… but it feels kinda fun because that’s how most of my posts were. Well they were some running and a lot of eating. Anyway… I’m sharing a day of eats! What I...

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