Hello! I got Invisalign today! This is kind of random, but I want to share the process with you from day 1. I made a quick video to share my “before” so you can see how I talk right after getting it. Let me know if you have any questions on it.

I also want to share why I got Invisalign. (This is NOT a sponsored post. Just saying because I’m using the brand’s name a lot.)

I have been thinking about it for about a year.  At my 6 month dental check-up last month I asked about it again and decided to just go for it. I debated it for a while because it doesn’t really look like I need it.

– I had braces in high school. So my teeth look pretty straight.

– When I mentioned it to a few friends they said it doesn’t really look like I need it.

– BUT on camera/video my bottom teeth look crooked. No, it’s not the end of the world but something that I noticed a while ago.

My bottom teeth just aren’t the same height so they look crooked on video. Last year I asked the dentist if they could just file them down so they’re the same height. Um, apparently that’s not a thing. I guess I made it up. HA! Classic Monican.

The dentist said Invisalign could help re-align my bottom teeth in a straight line and this would get them to be the same height.

I didn’t do it last year, but kept it in the back of my brain movies for a while. Since I’ve been doing more videos lately I’ve noticed it more (check out my YouTube Channel).

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I realize that my bottom teeth look crooked but this wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t open my mouth so much when I talk. I’m very enthusiastic so talking loud and big and making crazy hand gestures… that’s just what I do. I don’t want to change how I talk OR be self conscious about it. Being very animated is a part of your Monican. So I could just fix my bottom teeth since that’s just a physical thing and keeping being me.

All right. Count me in. (Check out the video where I explain this and you can see it a little too.)

Invisalign Before Video

How I talk just 10 minutes after putting them on for the first time and how I justified this kinda superficial purchase.

In non-teeth news…

This morning I saw a weird duster tree on my run…

AND I spotted a unicorn at the 99 cent store! Note that it’s $3.99. Damn The 99 is hiking their prices!

I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast, probably the same thing as always. But I did snap a picture of the same lunch as always. Impressive food blogging, right? It’s predictable but it’s what I like…


Oh! And Pineapple Coconut Spark is back while supplies last!!

Last time it was sold out in 48 hours. I missed it the last time and luckily was able to score some from SkinnyRunner. I should probably buy extra to share…


Question: Did you have braces?

Have you done Invisalign?


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