Hello! How’s it going? I ran the Lexus Lace Up 10k in Orange County  this weekend and wanted to share the BEST parts of the race and post-race party.

Oh, and I wanted to share the BEST part of my life right now… Since I’m working with the race series to help share the discount code and cover it on Instagram and Facebook the lovely people at Lexus offered to loan me a car for the week. Um. This is amazing! I didn’t know what to expect but they brought me everything I could ever want in a car.

What’s that? Well, since I asked…

Everything I want in a car: Red. Heated seats. Moon roof.

Oh, and it has a watermelon holder in the truck.

I drove to the expo in my fancy new ride…

I went to the expo the day before the race. It was super easy to get in and out to get my bib, shirt and double check the start time and race course.

You get a reusable bag, tech tee and of course I’d be most excited about the food… one of those new filled Clif Bars!

The race starts actually pretty close to where I live so I didn’t have to wake up early. It was great to not be rushed (like I normally am since I’m always late).

This was the only picture I got at the Start Line. I didn’t mean to full on capture that guy taking a pre run selfie, but I feel like it’s a good picture of him so I think it’s okay?

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The race is kinda hilly because you go up and down the street underpasses.

At the starting line Pam spotted me and we ran together for 2 miles. It was great to catch up with her.

Lexus Lace Up 10k final time: 48:16:55  – Average pace 7:46

There are a ton of perks for runners at all of the Lexus Lace Up Races.

They have a Photo Station where they give out prints of the pictures you’re posting to Instagram with the hashtag #LexusLaceUp

The pics come out automatically so you can just stop by the photo station after you update social media with that hashtag and grab your picture from the board!

But it’s kinda funny…

Since I had time to mess around before the race I posted a quick Instagram video asking for suggestions for good running songs. I tagged the race since I was getting ready for it. And when I went to grab my picture from the booth I spotted my just out of bed face! Ha!

There are fun activities for kids and a kid’s race.

My favorite perk is the post-race food truck parade! It’s not a real parade, but I like to call it that.

Each runner gets a ticket for a free meal to use at any of the food trucks.

I went to Bacon Nation. Go big!

This is the Sunrise Burger.

Overall – it was a blast. I’m glad it was only a 10k – I definitely don’t feel like I’m in great shape to do a solid half marathon right now. It was great to see Pam and that was some amazing post-run food.

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If you want to run the other Lexus Lace Up Races you can get 10% off with the discount code: RER10


Question: I normally live in watermelon nation, but today it was bacon nation… what nation do you live in today?


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