It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

This year was amazing for RunEatRepeat and my running.  I PRd in the marathon and half marathon. RER doubled in readership and I got a ton of sponsors and opportunities to travel. It was the best of times for this website and community.

But, there is a whole aspect of my life I left off RER for most of the year – my relationship with Ben, aka that guy I live with.

I haven’t written about this because:

A.) I am well-adjusted enough to realize I don’t owe it to anyone to share parts of my life I want to keep private.

B.) If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

C.) It’s complicated.

D.) I needed time to collect funny gifs about love and hate and weirdos.

But today I’m going to share a tiny bit of info because I feel like it’s a good reminder that just like small talk at your holiday party and reality TV – you see ONE edited version of someone’s life. Unless you eat, sleep, work, play and spend every waking minute with someone you can’t assume you know where they’re coming from.

Just a little PSA to speak kindly to others as you don’t know their battles.

And because on a daily basis people (or one particularly interested person?) searches “RunEatRepeat divorce” or ‘Ben’ or something similar and it’s odd but entertaining to me.

Long story short… it’s been a rollercoaster.

Ben and I wanted different things this year. We were on a different page last December and slowly it seemed like we weren’t even reading from the same book.

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It was sad. And confusing. And frustrating.

June was one of my most fun months this year – I ran a marathon and went to CO, SF and NYC.

But, there was also a time in June my relationship was really bad. You would have never known on RER, because I was legitimately caught up in work and travel. It wasn’t a conscious decision to leave out, it just wasn’t a big priority to me. (And that’s probably part of the problem. But I’ll save that tangent for my therapist.)

If you break this down to place blame the reality is that I have done a lot of things wrong. Again, it’s complicated and I’m not here to draw you a picture of me being an a-hole – this is my story! I should get to be the heroine!

[insert montage of me as Katniss if I knew how to use editing apps]


Right now we are alive and well and together. Sometimes we get in epic fights and break things and I scream and grab the cat and stay in my car for a few days until I can’t take it anymore.

That or we’re working on it like adults. One of those.

Sooooo. That’s it. I don’t need advice or hugs (no hugs please!) or other. I am just sharing a peek into this part of my life to let interested parties know it’s going to be okay.

And now I can get back to runnin’ and eatin’ and repeating.

See you in a bit!


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