Hello! How are you doing? I’m good and hunkered down inside because of the rain. Is this El Nino or what????!?! I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life (expect for that one year in Maryland when I was young and dumb and full of love). Anyway. It has NEVER rained this much here ever ever ever. I don’t even know what is going on here.

(Sporting Sketchers Go Run 4. They are super light and dried super fast after my last run)

I ran 10 miles this morning aiming for a good pace. Running quicker on tired legs is going to help me since I have a lot of races coming up!

I’m running the Los Angeles Marathon coming up in March and just put up a countdown on the fridge. I am on a mission to really train hard and get it together. I really want to PR this year and have a few races coming up already. But, I didn’t realize how soon LA was so I’m eating, sleeping and breathing marathon training right now. And I really dig it!!

Post-run I made a big green smoothie. I hold it with a towel so my hand doesn’t freeze.

Vegas is keeping me company as I blog and check email. After lunch time he moves from the bedroom to the front room for a little while. I think he considers this a nap. Then, he eats 4 bites of food and goes back to sleep in the room.

I’m roasting up a big pan of cauliflower right now and it reminded me about something I wanted to ask you about…

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Last night I was talking to my bff about meal planning. She is a single mom who works full time and doesn’t like to cook. So she wants quick, easy dinner ideas that her kids will eat. I’m working with her on this – but I’m curious what (if any) kind of help you need on this.

Do you meal prep? Do you meal plan? Why or why not??

Run Eat Reader

Lindsay emailed me this week to share her victorious post-race picture!! She ran her first marathon last weekend! Congratulations Lindsay!!! I thought this was super awesome and wanted to share.

If you want to share your Running Win feel free to email me with what you did and a picture. It doesn’t have to be a race – just a pic of your win that you want to share.


Run Camp Day 15 – Monday Mini-Goals

What are your mini-goals for this week?

What 1 thing can you do this week that will help get you closer to goal?

Name 1 or 2 mini-goals and write them down on your Running Goals Worksheet.

Examples of mini-goals:

Stick to training plan – specifically –> Make sure to leave work on time so I am able to run… Wake up early enough to be able to run…

Buy a foam roller and use it 2x this week.

Sign up for the race I’ve been thinking about.

Note distance, time and how I felt in running log after every run.

Question: What are your mini-goals for the week?

Do you meal plan? Do you meal prep??


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