As part of the Hyland’s Boston Marathon Team Challenge I’m sharing my favorite Running Memento. I’m not a fan of knick-knacks and don’t even keep my race bibs. But I have collected a lot of medals over the years! I figured my favorite running souvenir would be one of my medals.

After looking at my collection of medals from half marathons, marathons and the random 5k or 10k from the past 7+ years I realized…

1. I have A LOT of medals.

2. I don’t really run for medals. (I run for donuts and/or ice cream. Everyone has their own thing and I don’t care if ya run for medals or praise or pizza or to prove your 7th grade gym teacher wrong. Do you friend.)

3. I want to get even more medals because I want to keep running – so this collection is going to grow!

So, I’m going to do something nice with all my running medals and donate them to Medals for Mettle. It’s a non-profit that collects half marathon, full marathon and triathlon medals and gives them to children and adults with serious health issues.

But I’ll keep a few super special ones. This is all kind of a sudden thought so I don’t know exactly which ones I’ll keep yet – but I do share three of my favorites in the video… AND share my favorite running souvenir.

You can get a Run Eat Repeat medal hanger from SportHooks here. This is definitely something I’m keeping since it reminds me of my favorite running souvenir.

Stay tuned for what medals I end up keeping and the process of donating them.

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Question: What is your FAVORITE running souvenir or memento?


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