Hello!! It’s Day 10! How’s it going? Keep it up!!

Check in for today with your workout, run, stretch, struggles etc… in the comments and/or on Instagram @RunEatRepeat!

Runner Check In on the Podcast

Today I’m checking in with one of my favorite Pile on the Milers – Charlotte you can find her on Instagram as @ccclbc

We touch base on her recent running, injury and other random runner talk. Check it out while running and it’s kinda like we’re running together.

She also calls me out on eating the Smarty Pants vitamins the Rock N Blog partner sent us… even though I said I was going to give the kids container to my lil brother! Busted.


Run Eat … Pop Quiz!

Today’s Pod Quiz is a question on Shalane Flanagan, Winner of the NYC Marathon. In an article on Women’s Running Magazine website – Flanagan shares some of her tricks for running fast. One of her secrets is a visualization technique. Her visualization trick is ONE of the three listed below. Guess which one she does…

On visualization techniques…

A. “When it gets tough I imagine a blow-dryer – blasting at my competitors while I race away.”

B. “When I want to be fast, I’ll tell myself to be like a sewing machine—really quick up and down.”

C. “I visualize my legs as an oven – it takes me some time to warm up but once I get there I’m hot.”

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The answer is…

B. “When I want to be fast, I’ll tell myself to be like a sewing machine—really quick up and down.

Instagram Run Scavenger Hunt for Day 10

Day 10 Run Scavenger Hunt item… Listening to…

Share what you’re listening to! And I’ll get excited if it’s an awesome song or podcast I can listen to while running.

Make sure to tag @RunEatRepeat and #TeamRER

And — HUGE thank you to Pro Compression for supporting the Pile on the Miles Challenge and Run Scavenger Hunt this year!

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