Hello! How’s it going? Today on the podcast I have awesome tips for running faster from Hungry Runner Girl aka Janae aka my super fast running friend.

National Guacamole Day – What are your thoughts on guacamole? Thick? Spicy?


Hungry Runner Girls Shares 4 Tips to Run Faster

She’s sharing 4 Tips on How to Run Faster on today’s podcast episode. Check it out because she is magically speedy! 1:25:29…. average pace of 6:29

Remember when she came out to visit me in December all the way from Utah? Truth be told, I think it was less about me and more about getting away from the snow but I’ll take what I can get.

Some of my favorites…

St. George Marathon Recap


Tucson Marathon Recap – she ran something like 3:10… for a WHOLE marathon

Boston Marathon Recap


This picture is from the Runner’s World Hat Trick Race and there’s Eating Bird Food and Skinny Runner too!

Instagram Runner Scavenger Hunt

Day 14: It’s a sign!

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