Hello!! It’s day 18 of the Pile on the Miles Challenge! We are almost done with the challenge – stay in it 100%


It’s National Apple Cider Day – All I want in life is a fresh apple cider donut. That’s it. Thank you.


This week we’re talking about proper running form from head to toe. So far we’ve already covered…

Head / Neck / Shoulders – Running Form

Arms and Hands – Running Form

Core and Upper Body

Legs and Stride

Today we’re talking about Feet/Foot Strike Ankles/Feet  this is from Runner’s World’s article on Perfect Running Form

“To run well, you need to push off the ground with maximum force. With each step, your foot should hit the ground lightly–landing between your heel and mid-foot–then quickly roll forward.

Keep your ankle flexed as your foot rolls forward to create more force for push-off. As you roll onto your toes, try to spring off the ground. You should feel your calf muscles propelling you forward on each step. Your feet should not slap loudly as they hit the ground. Good running is springy and quiet. “ (source: Runner’s World)

Listener Question…

“My name is Robin. I’m @Robinlh912  on Instagram, and I wanted to say thank you for the awesome podcast. I found you via instagram the summer and subsequently your podcast super enjoyable my question is with regard to taking rest time after a big bowl event this weekend. I am running my last half marathon of the year, and I’ve pretty much been going non. Stop since I started training for my first marathon. Which was back in may I took about 3 days off after that and that you cross training, and I’ve been going to run streak, and I’ve been going pretty much since then I’m wondering. I know. I won’t lose all my fitness as I take like a week off, but how much time is a deal to take off after a really big massive training cycle all right now. I’m planning on taking at least 5 days, but I don’t want to lose my motivation and have trouble getting back into it. Just wondering what you’re up to it. Thanks.”

RER:  1 day off for every hard day of running. Next easy run – run without a watch or music. LISTEN to your body. Focus on other forms of exercise. Just run or workout to have fun.

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