Pile on the Miles Day 2!! Hopefully today’s podcast episode will be a little more smooth (and fun). Check it out and check in on my daily Run Report on Instagram. Show up.

Motivation of the day…

My run log: Thursdays – usually strength training. Full body – but probably focus extra on legs.


RER Reader / Runner Tip of the day is from Tina aka @carrotsncake

RER: You can give another runner ONE tip. What is it?

Carrots n Cake: LISTEN to your body, especially when it relates to your training. You might have 9 miles on your training plan and think that you NEED to stick to it to see results, but if you’re injured, sick, over-training, etc., it’s okay to scale back to prevent injury, prolonging sickness, or additional inflammation. Sometimes forcing a training run is way worse than taking a rest day.

What do you do when you feel like quitting? Have a mantra? Trick? Other??

CNC: “You’re stronger than you think.” Mind over matter! And then just take it one mile at a time.

What’s your secret to staying motivated?

CNC: Not taking my health for granted. Someday, I won’t be able to run or exercise, but today is not that day, so I take full advantage.

P.S. Tina wrote a book called Carrots N Cake and has a pug and introduced me to Mary Lou’s iced coffee in Boston.

Oh… and I just found this picture – I think from Fitbloggin’ 4 or 5 years ago?  HA!!

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Instagram challenge for Day 2

Day 2 Run Scavenger Hunt task: take a Pre Run Pic

Don’t forget to use hashtag #TeamRER and @RunEatRepeat to be entered in the scavenger hunt contest!!

** For some reason (maybe because I’m a mess)  I listed Day 2 – “Lunch” in the list but everywhere else the item of the day is “Pre-Run pic”. You can do EITHER the Pre-Run pic OR Lunch Day 2 and the other one Day 3.**

Question: What’s your workout today?


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