Hello! Happy November 1st! Are you ready to rock this running challenge? Pile on the Miles starts TODAY. Let’s do this!

Yesterday Vegas and I put on our very elaborate Halloween costumes to give away candy.

This was my costume this year…

I had a ‘real’ costume but wasn’t super motivated to get dressed up in anything that took effort. So, I found these ears in my ‘random box’ in my closet (it has wrapping paper, craft stuff and Santa hats – it is really random). Boom. Costume done and done.

My favorite part of the night was when a teen trick-or-treater asked, “Are you Karen from Mean Girls?”

“Duh” I said and pointed to my ears.

Her friend told me to wear pink on Wednesday. Ha!

I think giving away candy is just as fun as trick-or-treating when I was a kid. Anyone else love it?

Right now I’m sipping iced coffee and eating cereal while writing this post. I am going to try and get the POTM posts done the day before so my friends on the other side of the world can check in a little earlier. I am on Pacific time and I know that’s kinda late to the party. But it’s only 5am here – so that’s super early too! Time is confusing.


Pile on the Miles Day 1 – Sponsored by Pro Compression

Check out Pile On the Miles sign up post for more info and rules!

Sign up for Pile on the Miles 2016 here.

Pile On the Miles rules:

1. Sign up by completing this form.

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There will be a place for your name, email and goal for the month (I will not share your email with any outside parties).

2. Set your goal to WALK or RUN or MOVE xx amount of miles or minutes in November.

These could be miles OR a set time on the treadmill OR  walking or running or cycling… Do your favorite exercise!


I will run 20 miles in November!

I will take a 30 minute walk each day!

I will walk to the donut shop and only order 1

I will go to Crossfit 3 times a week!

3.  Leave a comment on RunEatRepeat.com every weekday from Nov 1st to Nov 26th with your Mileage/Minutes/Rest day/Other. Check-in for that day to stay on track and accountable (plus you get to win prizes).

*You don’t have to run or walk that day to enter – you just have to stay accountable. Check in every day. Stay on track with your goals. Be honest with yourself.

Don’t skip a day or ‘forget’ to do something active. This time of year is hard to prioritize exercise and healthy eating. This challenge is meant to keep you from pushing exercise off.*

You can use this widget to share the challenge with your readers. Invite your friends and family too! Keep each other on track and pass it on!!

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(Copy and paste that code into your widget text box.)

Today is day 1!

Start off strong by checking in on this post with your check-in. Did you run today? Walk? Other? How much?  Plan to do it later?

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Leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a pair of compression socks or sleeves from PRO Compression.

PRO Compression is sponsoring POTM this week. I am a huge fan because they help with recovery and fatigue – especially on longer runs. And they are hands down the most colorful, creative and cute compression socks you can find.

Check in on this post and you’ll be entered to win a pair of compression sock or sleeves of your choice (that’s not sold out obviously). Contest open to all. (If you live outside of their shipping area I will send them to you.)  Closes tomorrow at 9pm PST. Winners will be announced Sunday.

Leave a comment on this post with your check-in:

Did you run today? How much? Rest day? Other??

Disclaimer: ProCompression will provide the prizes for this week’s POTM challenge. All opinions are my own.


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