This is it! You made it!! It’s the last day of the Pile on the Miles Challenge for this year! Congratulations!!

It’s National Gingerbread Cookie Day….

My favorite running quote (right now anyway):

Running Tips:

You can give another runner ONE tip. What is it?

Well… it kinda depends on what their goal is…

For a new runner I’d say go slow. Slower than that.

For someone who wants to run a half marathon or marathon… If I can do it – YOU can do it.

What do you do when you feel like quitting? Have a mantra? Trick? Other??

Cry. Cuss. Not necessarily in that order. Then, tell myself to show the hell up and push.

What’s your secret to staying motivated?

I love running. There’s no secret to that. I think you should find something YOU love and do that. Then, you might have to push yourself in a long training run if you have a goal but if it’s just for health or fitness you’ll look forward to it.

Instagram Running Scavenger Hunt:

The Run Eat Repeat Scavenger Hunt Item for the last day is…

VICTORY!! Take your victory lap! Show me how you’re treating yourself! Take a picture of whatever victory looks like to you!

Tag @RunEatRepeat and #TeamRER to be eligible for the giveaway.

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HUGE thank you to ProCompression for sponsored the challenge this year! If you are in need of compression socks or sleeves – I highly recommend ProCompression socks.

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