Hello! How are you doing? What is your goal for this week? This is week 2 of Pile on the Miles. With a new week comes a fresh start – set a goal. Go for it! Check in below and share your workout (or rest day) for today.

Yesterday I did a long run of 13 miles. That doesn’t seem super long to me – marathon training really messes with what is ‘normal’ running.

As I was running along I smelled BACON. It wasn’t just a little whiff of it – the smell was pretty strong. That’s kind of weird because I wasn’t on a sidewalk directly in front of houses. So, wherever it was coming from must have been cooking a lot of bacon.

I can’t decide if I LOVE smelling food when I’m running or not. Sometimes I run by a few donut shops and it smells so good, but it also makes me think about donuts… hmmm. Do you love or hate it when you smell good food while running?

I asked on Instagram and got a mix of votes…

It was a good run, but I felt kinda tight on the first half.

Since we’re talking about running…

Good luck to everyone running the New York City Marathon today! If you are only going to run one marathon in your life I suggest this one.

In fail news…

I accidently put my Sparkle Skirt in the dryer! WHAT.The.HECK. Well, I didn’t do it, but I did ask someone to throw my stuff in the dryer after the wash finished and came home to find this. BOO. I’m super bummed. It’s kind of stuck together and a lot of the sequins came off. I had it in a net wash bag ( for bras and stuff) so it wasn’t the wash part that messed it up (even though you should probably just hand wash).

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Dinner was sushi – I have been craving it so hard!

And I got my hands on the new Quest Bars!

I tried the Rocky Road and Blueberry Muffin. My thoughts on both coming soon.


Pile on the Miles Week 1 is over! How did you do? Winners will be announced later today as there is still a little bit of time to check in for last week.

Pile on the Miles Week 2

It’s week 2 of Pile on the Miles! What is your goal for this week? Get yourself on track to hit your goal for the entire challenge by making sure you are chipping away at it every day.

This week’s running challenge is sponsored by Nathan. They are giving away a Speedraw Plus Waterbottle and Neutron Fire Runner’s Headlamp everyday this week! Check in each day with your POTM update to be entered to win.

It’s perfect timing for the headlamp because November is Runner Safety Month. The days are darker and it’s hard to see and be seen on early morning or late evening runs. Even if you aren’t running in complete darkness visibility is very important. Bikers and drivers may be distracted or unable to see you – BE SEEN and BE SAFE.

Follow them on twitter at @nathansportsinc for more information on Runner Safety Month and their line of running products.

Leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to WIN a Nathan Headlamp and Handheld Waterbottle! Closes tomorrow at 9pm PST.

*Use #RERMiles on social media to share your progress!! 

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Question: What is your goal for this week? What are you doing today for Pile on the Miles??

Me: Today is a rest day from running but I’m going to take a walk and do a strength workout. My goal for the week is to get in a 3 mile walk each day.


Disclaimer: Nathan is providing the prizes for this week’s POTM challenge. All opinions are my own.


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