Answering your questions on running, eating and my life… and today I’m posting this on the podcast and on video. So, check it out however is easier for you.

Questions on Running, Eating and Random via Instagram:

What’s the difference between intervals and repeats?

RER: It’s run, eat REPEAT not run, eat INTERVAL. Okay, that’s not the real answer!

What do you run with to carry water? Fuel belt? Camel back? Handheld water bottle?

 Depends on the weather, race and distance I’m running.

How fast should I run or walk on the treadmill?

Speeds are so individual…

Have you ever NOT had red hair?

I was born with red hair and it’s stayed red except for a few months post-college where I wanted to bleach it… I didn’t look good with blond hair and it was no bueno so I cried and then let it grow out back to my old self.

How do I grow my hair longer?  What are you doing or are you taking supplements to help your hair grow faster?

I’m still taking Basis – that supplement I tried a few months ago and thought was magic.

And Advocare has a new Glow System with a Hair & Nails supplement (plus skin and collagen). Both of these have monthly options because consistency is key (with running, supplements and wellness routines!).

Do you miss Ben as much as I miss him on the blog?


Do you love Jesus?


Do you follow a specific half marathon training plan to stay in shape between races?

I don’t follow a specific plan…  but I do try to stay in half marathon shape. I do that by running about 5 days a week and I mix in longer-ish runs depending on what’s going on with my running and life.

How do you get motivated to run? I’m training for a half marathon and need help with motivation!

Make sure you have enough rest and are fueling well – basically, make sure your body isn’t telling you something is wrong. And then focus on your goal – eyes on the prize! Remind yourself why you’re training – what do you want?

I missed my long run!! Help! What do I do?!

Missing one long run – probably okay. Missing 8 runs – probably need to reexamine your priorities.

How do you lose weight with intuitive eating?

Rebuild trust with your body. It’s a long process, but be patient and understanding with yourself.

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