Hello! Today I have a simple stretch routine for runners. You can do this post-run or after any workout. I usually do these moves fairly quickly after a run. If I feel particularly tight in one area I’ll focus on that and spend some extra time on it.

I’m sporting HYLETE gear in the pictures below. I’m working with the company to share a discount on their workout clothes. More info and the discount code follow…

(^wearing: icon tri-blend tank and accent II crop^)

Now let’s S-T-R-E-T-C-H…

10 Minute Stretch Routine for Runners

Aim to hold each stretch for about 30 seconds. Breathe into any tight areas. If you feel any pain back off. Pay attention to tight areas that might need rest, foam rolling or massage.

1. Reach for the sky – alternating arms

2. Neck stretch – drop ear to shoulder / repeat on other side

3. Neck stretch – look over shoulder / repeat on other side

4. Chest stretch – reach back clasping hands together behind you

5. Upper back stretch – reach forward clasping hands in front of you, rounding upper back

6. Quad stretch – grab foot behind you and bring foot to butt, keep knees close together and stop if there’s any pain / repeat on other side

7. Hamstrings stretch – Wide leg forward bend – open legs, reach to the floor in the middle

8. Hip stretch – from wide leg bend squat into a low open leg squat position

9. Hip stretch – with legs open wide squat and open knees to stretch hips

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10. Hip stretch with dip – from wide leg squat dip one shoulder to the floor to increase hip stretch and stretch back / repeat on other side

11. Hip and calve stretch – lunge forward and sink into it until you feel a stretch in your hip and calve / repeat on other side

12. Low lunge twist – from lunge lower down to place opposite hand next to front foot for a deeper stretch. Optional: open up back by extending other arm up and opening up chest toward front foot.

HYLETE Discount Code

I’m sporting a HYLETE tank and crops today. I’m working with the team to share a discount code on their workout gear and backpacks.

I actually got some of their tops and shorts a while back and really liked them. My first thought was – I feel like an athlete designed these clothes. And it turns out HYLETE encourages feedback from customers and then uses that to update their designs! I love that.

Sometimes I’ll have a pair of running shorts and think, ‘this pocket needs to be bigger’ or ‘if these were 1 inch longer it’d be perfect’. To actually be able to tell a clothing company those things and them take it into consideration is genius. We’re the ones out there running and sweating and we know what works and what doesn’t in real life, right?

Someone must have already told them about the pocket thing, because the crops have a big pocket on both sides. The shorts have great pockets too.

HYLETE customers are encouraged to upload a picture sporting their favorites to the website.

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I love this because you can see other runners, cross-fitters, weight lifters, walkers, sweat-ers, sleepers, pups and more wearing the HYLETE gear.

HYLETE isn’t available in retail stores, just online. This helps save on the usual retail mark-up.

How it works: Purchase 2 to 3 items and receive 20% off your order, purchase 4 or more items and receive 40% off your order. Mix and match any items or choose from a variety of prebuilt looks.  >>>But right now you can jump to the 40% discount with code RER2016

Also, HYLETE Project is offering new designs for pre-order at a 40% discount right now here.

For a limited time, receive 40% off your first purchase. No minimum order quantities. Promo code expires 11/13/16

Use promo code:  RER2016    –>  HYLETE Main Page

*I’m wearing the Accent Racer Tank and Accent II Crop in the stretches above.*

Follow HYLETE on social media here >> Instagram – @trainhylete  / Facebook – @hylete / Twitter – @trainhylete

Question: Did you stretch after your last workout?

Me: Yep! I went through these moves after my run while watching TV.  It distracts me and I end up stretching longer this way!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by HYLETE. All opinions are my own.


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