Hello! I have so much good stuff going on today. First, I got a new rug AND Vegas hasn’t barfed on it YET. Don’t worry, he will. Anyone want to wager on how many days the rug stays barf free?

Today I have a super quick upper body workout for ya.

I know as a runner I’d rather RUN (and then eat and repeat) instead of do a strength workout. But I shouldn’t choose – I should do both! Strength training is so important for looking and feeling strong, keeping your body balanced, building muscle, burning fat and more.

Here is a super quick and easy strength workout you can do at home. All you need is a set of dumbbells or maybe a cat in each hand?

Do this upper body workout with weights that are challenging but allow you to complete all reps with good form.

This is a short strength workout that you can do after a run – along with some stretching it makes a complete workout.

Question: What’s your workout today?

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